Review: TMNT turtle shell iPhone case

We've seen some pretty cool phone cases to be released featuring the TMNT, and today's product is no exception. Today we're going to be looking at the the Turtle Shell case for iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. This case was developed by loungefly and can be found both in Hot Topic stores and on the Hot Topic website.

So when you get the case it'll come packaged in a clear box with a green insert showing pictures of the turtles and the logo for the 1987 animated series. On the back you'll also find the Nickelodeon logo.

The case itself is of very sturdy quality. The shell design is not printed, but actually a 3D sculpt on the back. This ensures that the design will not rub off as you use it. The front of the case is all black with a white "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" logo on the right side of the screen.

I personally love this case as it resembles the Turtle Comm with it's green stylized shell design. It also reminds me of the T-Phone with the way you hold it and use the touch interface. The case has ports so that you don't have to remove it to charge your iPhone, use the headphone jack, or adjust the volume controls.

The only downside to this case was that when I first opened it, it had a very strong rubber odor. I'm happy to say though that after a week of use it's hardly noticeable anymore. Not necessarily a down side, as most rubber iPhone cases do not include one, but there is no included screen protector. If you want to protect your screen from scratches you will have to buy that separately.

Overall I say this item is a must have for any TMNT fan with an iPhone 4 or 5. It's cool, it's affordable(listed at 15.50), and it's a fantastic way to protect your phone with a little extra turtle power.

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