Review: TMNT Wash Mitt and Body Wash


Being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan this year has made it hard to go into the stores as every store is offering cool TMNT items that are out for the Holiday season only.  We’ve shared stuff from Body Wash, Shampoo, and Bubble Bath.  Each of the sets coming with something unique and fun that fans can enjoy throughout the year.  I am trying to share as many of these sets that I can before the Holiday.  Here is my review of the Raphael Wash Mitt with Body Wash.

This set really stands out for the Raphael Wash Mitt.  It’s soft, it fits on the hand, it looks different as it’s a Chibi Raphael without the Half Shell Heroes look.  Making this a fun product for TMNT fans, who enjoy the Nickelodeon style of TMNT.  The Body wash is Mango scented, in a small easy to travel bottle, with a TMNT image on it.  The video shows the Mitt, as I break it free from the packaging.

I recommend this mitt for people who use wash cloths, and would like something soft that is Ninja Turtles for bath time or showers.  This works great for people with little kids, who still get help from the mom and dad’s during their baths.  It’s a cute set, that could bring some smiles to faces.  It is also a fun decoration for a bathroom, to have just hanging around for older fans who are trying to get TMNT stuff through their homes.

Do you have the TMNT Wash Mitt with Body Wash?  If so, where did you get your set?  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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