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Earlier this month Activision gave us our first look at what is going on with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.  Titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the Shadows” originally said to be based on the new Nickelodeon TV series.  With this first look came a trailer which has a lot of fans talking.  Personally I’ve been on the edge on if I was going to do a story on this or not.  Because I find it hard to put into words on my thoughts of this new design of the Ninja Turtles.  With a lot of friends asking me to post something, I am finally coming out to share this video and my review of this short look that we get.

So the trailer starts and we see news reports with different people reading lines.  Most of which taken straight from the first movie.  Talking about the crime wave, one of which mentioned is a robbery at TCRI labs.  So it seems interesting.  Interesting until we see our first look of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  That’s when my stomach tightened up on what they were doing.  In IGN story on the game they mentioned “Out of the Shadows is not based on Nickelodeon's ongoing, excellent animated series, but exists in its own "hyper realistic 3D-style" world inspired by the show.”

I’ve looked at the images posted.  I’ve watched the video a few times.  And personally I am not excited about this “hyper realistic 3D-style” take on the Turtles.  In fact I feel like they ripped us off by taking a CGI model of a human they may have used in their previous games or something and tore the skin off of it to put the Turtle skin on.  The looks of these Turtles have way too much human features, you can see where the nose was.  You can see where the hair line was.  It is a cheap way of getting a video game made fast.  Instead of starting with building a whole new CGI model.  I am not a big fan of Ninja Turtles having nostrils.

Basing a video game on a children’s TV show, yet giving it a totally different style is not something done wisely.  Kids will notice the difference.  And a lot of the adults fans I’ve talked to feel the same way I do about these looks.  Some are thinking they could be cool.  Most of the fans I talk to have not been thrilled with this design at all.  We are use to and love the design of the Nickelodeon Turtles as they are.  If they’re going to do a game, that is what I would've looked for.

Konami had it right with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The 4Kids series had three awesome games released by Konami that had the feel and pace of the show.  It was based on the show, not just ‘inspired’ by the show.  My personal favorite of the three games is “Battle Nexus” which was a total blast to play with friends.  So when I think of TMNT games, I think of games where the Turtles look like the characters we are enjoying on the cartoon series or movies.  Not of freshly designed characters who look totally off of what the fans would be looking for.

I am sorry to those who designed this game that I am being so blunt about my distaste for the character designs.  But while I like dark toned Ninja Turtles, this is not the design that grabs me and screams “Ninja Turtles”.  I would not buy two sets of toys of these Turtles if they ever did toys.... I would only get one to bury in the collection.  I really have not been enjoying these images and it saddens me that there is something that is turning me off this much that is TMNT.

Another problem I have with the game is this “download” crap.  If someone is buying a video game, we should be able to go to the store and buy the video game.  I have a rack of DVDs and games in my room of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I have the books that goes with the games.  I have my cases autographed by the voice actors from the video games.  I love having it in my hands, knowing I paid for something and it’s mine.  Not paying for something that stays in the computer.  I’ve never bought a downloadable game in my life.  I have got free games like on my phone.  So this annoys me.

They did Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In Time ReShelled as a downloadable game.  Because of this I do not own the game. I played it, back in 2009 when they had it as a demo on the TMNT bus that went across country.  Though I never bought it.  It’s just a turnoff to me, for there to not be a disk or packaging.  Really a disappointment.

Which sadly for me, that is how this game is feeling.  With only one small trailer I am not excited at all about going around.  These images of the Ninja Turtles going past me daily on Tumblr.  I will stick with the Nickelodeon Series and IDW Comics for now.  I do not know if I will give this game a try or not.  I just know, that from what I’ve seen so far.  It is not my favorite thing of 2013 with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What are your thoughts on these new designs?  Do you feel they could've used a model of an old human CGI and just paste the looks of a Turtle on top of it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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To avoid loss of a downloaded game that is no longer available, try backing it up it on a USB hard drive or memory stick. My friend does that.

I don't like this design, like they never look 100% turtle, but at last they have the excuse "It's a cartoon turtle" and you accept that, but for a "hyper realistic 3D-style" they don't even look close to a turtle, they look like aliens to me.

My god....... I hope this isn't the Michael Bay turtles......

Michele Ivey's picture

Heh, I feared the same thing... hoping that this is not where they're going with it.

I feel ya Michelle, about the turtle's designs and the downloadable aspect. The designs are just...ugh, so ugly. It saddens me because I love TMNT so much and I just can't stand these designs. I also hate downloadable games, and like you, I feel I that I'd get my moneys worth if I had an actual product in my hands. Oh well, let's just hope that we get an actual NICKELODEON TMNT game soon, instead of some ugly, realistic, downloadable "TMNT" game. Honestly, these designs look like a horrible mixture of the next mutation and the 2007 movie turtles.

Oh, one more thing. I have a bad feeling that these are the designs that will be used for Michael Bay's new movie. A lot of fans have also been saying that, but I really hope that that's not the case...

they can't be the michael bay turtles because they are not turtles in his version they are aliens i hope that jerk stays away from our childhood i emailed him to stop the madness oh god he better stop i'm not letting them put that crap they call a movie in theaters michael bay has to stop do whatever you need to do make him STOP when i was a kid the teenage mutant ninja turtles were my life i'm not letting him ruin it for the kids and myself

Actavision has stated that this game has nothing to do with the new show and its in its own self contained world. Since its in its own world I would like to see how dark they can make it. Maybe like the Eastman comics that would be sweet :) They are still developing a game based on the Nick show.

Supposedly they signed a 3 game contract so i'm sure we will see games based on the show. Also I hate downloadable games as well! I bought re-shelled and if my 360 ever gets the red ring of death I can never download it again because Ubisoft no longer has the rights! Its complete bullshit!

how ... what where heh ok i thought this game was based off of the tmnt nickelodeon series but it is clearly not. i'm still buying the game but i'm kinda mad and happy and well i have mixed feelings oh yeah it's me oscar leveto from facebook

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