Review: "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

Chronicles of Narnia: “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is a lot like the first two movies. So, if you enjoyed the other two movies you will more than likely enjoy this movie. The effects, characters, and fight scenes are all well done.

In this Chapter of Narnia, it starts off much like the second one, where the two youngest kids are missing their time as royalty and going on about how they like Narnia better than the real world. It just makes one wonder, if they’re always complaining about the real world or if this is something that just happens before a trip to Narnia. It is revealed that they are living at their Cousin’s house, who does not like them. A young boy who does what he can to get these two in trouble. We also learn that their older sister and brother is living in America with their mom, and they have to wait a few more months before they can join their family again.

Anyone who has seen the trailers knows how they get to Narnia this time, as a painting on the wall comes to life and floods the room they’re in with water as they surface they find themselves in the middle of an ocean with a Narnia boat saving them. Lucky for our three travelers, Lucy, Edmund and their cousin Eustace that the ones on the boat are friends. As they are greeted by Caspian and Reepicheep, the warrior mouse. The cousin, who at first appears just to be an annoying tag along for comic relief, is angry and still does not believe what’s going on around him or that he’s in Narnia. Though Reepicheep takes an interest in watching over Eustace.


Caspian shows Lucy and Edmund that all is well in Narnia as there are no wars going on at this time. He’s on a search for seven supporters of his father’s that have disappeared. This search becomes the main mission of the movie as they go on to find the first of these seven people and learn that there is trouble and they must collect these powerful swords that each of these seven people have carried. Once they get the swords together on a certain table they can stop a great evil that is causing trouble for Narnia. So the mission begins.

For the most part the movie was enjoyable. Though it really did feel like going to see the other two movies again, as they have the same tone. As I have liked the Narnia Movies, they’re not on my top favorites list of movies. If I see them once, I’m okay with not seeing them again. Though I realize this is my personal opinion as a friend of mine is a big fan of the Narnia movies and I know that she’ll enjoy this one with every ounce of passion that the writers, directors, and actors hope to bring forth in any movie.


The art work was flawless as it goes through this world we’ve seen a few times now, with new twist, including a Dragon. The backgrounds in this movie could make anyone with a heart for adventure want to go and explore this strange new world where things look so normal and at the same time, so different. The cast of talking animals seemed smaller normal though as there were a lot of human characters. Only three of the members on the boat that I could see were not human and that includes Reepicheep. They did meet and see other things along the way, though in the past their warriors were strongly animal based.

Another thing I did find about this movie is that the trailers lied. It said that all of Narnia’s villains were returning and joining forces. Though as I watched the movie and saw how the Villains were portrayed in this movie, they did not really return. Yes, you see them for moments, but those that are gone remain gone. The threat they’re going against is a new one, and that’s what they should be focusing on. The Narnia movies have a way of showing that their characters still struggle with issues that they thought they overcame in the other movies and that is shown strong with Edmund in this movie. As the new trouble that has come over Narnia realizes their fears and uses it against them.

My favorite part of this movie is the Dragon. It came into the movie and gave a new light to how the movie was going with an interesting twist. I will not give the spoiler of why the Dragon joins this crew, but I will say that it does help open Eustace’s eyes towards Narnia and just how wrong he’s been. Reedicheep also takes into helping with the Dragon scenes, and since he’s one of my favorite characters in the movies it was nice to see some good scenes with Reepicheep in them.


A pet peeve with the movies is the role of Aslan, a strong character within these movies from the first movie. Though for both of second movies he has the smallest role of just appearing right at the end of the movie to help with one or two minor details. The ads made it seem like had a bigger role in this movie, even the ticket I had was a huge picture of his face. Though when you go there he is, and bam he’s gone just as fast. I like Aslan and would like to have seen him used more in the movie. Though instead it’s like he’s just there to say “Job well done” and that’s it.

I did get to see the movie in it’s 3D form, as good as the 3D was in the movie I did not feel like it could make or break the movie. It’s almost an after thought that the movie was even in 3D. So if you’re not a fan of wearing the 3D glasses and paying extra to see the movie, do not worry that you’re missing out on anything special. It’s there, yes, though the movie will be just as good without it.

Chronicles of Narnia: “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” comes out on December 10th. If you enjoyed the first two movies I highly recommend going and watching this movie, you’ll find the same spark that you loved in the other movies with a new story.

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I love the idea that Caspian is too set on revenge and how it is ruining his ability to act as a King. Then, when they get to Aslan’s Country he wants to leave all of his responsibilities behind. I think many of us would like to escape and do with addictions that keep us from really enjoying life. This movie is loaded with lessons that are hidden but can be found if one is looking. I like to be entertained and movies are my biggest hobby. My kids saw this movie and wanted me to get it and I was glad that I enjoyed it as much as they did. I highly recommend it.