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Don't really know where to write this .. as it's not directly related to this article. I discovered this blog through one of the videos on youtube that obnoxiously made fun of you, and I have to say that I was really glad to find out that you eventually transformed your passion into something as interesting as this website. I'm french and am myself a longtime fan of TMNT, and I'm curious to know what you think about the new remake Micheal Bay is working on right now, as I couldn't find anything about this on your blog (unless I missed it ..). Anyway, wish you all the best, and keep up with your blog, there it goes to my bookmarks :)

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My passion has always been something more than that youtube video showed, they had a lot of real information to use but made up their own story. Through this website, I'm glad that I can finally share the real stories of this fandom. :)

Now with the Michael Bay stuff, I did write my peace on it way back when the information came out in March. I personally do not feel that he's turning the turtles into aliens... he said "The Turtles are from alien race" when in 95% of the medias that came out, the ooze that transformed the Turtles is from aliens. The original comics was TCRI Aliens, the original cartoon was Krang and Dimension X, and that pattern repeated a lot through the years. If Michael Bay said the "Turtles are an Alien Race" than I would feel we would have to worry. But the word 'from' does make a difference to me. I also realize that it's not just Michael Bay, he's a Producer but there is also the writers and directors that have say. So I'll like to see where the group take them.

I was thrilled with how much the fans stood up for the Turtles. It was weird to see so many people stand up yelling about Michael Bay, that I've never seen in any of the TMNT forums, events, or letter pages. But we see now if someone messes with the Turtles, the masses will appear to protect them.