Rise of TMNT Playmates Toys April Review

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the big talk right now.  Nickelodeon is now airing the new series that is giving a whole new spin to the Ninja Turtles.  One of the big changes they have made is the new April O’Neil, which looks and acts different from any version of April.  In honor of the new series we are going through and doing reviews of the new Fall toys based on Rise of the TMNT by Playmates Toys.  In this episode we are taking a close look at April.

The video was filmed at Playmates Toys in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles room.  On this day I got to film 13 reviews, the nine action figures being released in Fall as well as the four Giant Turtles.  April is the fifth of the Rise of TMNT toy review, as she has caught my attention in the little bit of the series that I have seen so far on nick.com.

The toy does look like April in the series, she’s small as is this toy line.  She is a child so the size works for her.  One thing I’ll take note about is that when I did my video review I noted she did not have any joints in her wrist.  Though she does have a ball joint in her elbow so you can twist her forearm and have her hand facing different angles.

The one thing I really feel about this April O’Neil is that she could’ve been given any name.  She feels more like a new character to me than April, as they keep changing April more and more each time.  She’s got a fun design, a cool pet and from the little I’ve seen of the cartoon series she has a really hyper personality that stands out to me.  Though as I look at her, the only thing that makes her April is her name.  She’s one of the two characters changed the most that I’ve seen for this series.  But the other character at least still plays the role that they were created as in Ninja Turtles.  The only role April is keeping is being the Turtles human friend.

Also in this packaging we get Mayhem.  He’s made like the old side character toys that would come with TMNT action figures like Screwloose who came with Wingnut, or Joe Eyeball that came with Muckman.  Just a solid character that does not have any moving joints.  The big difference is, he’s painted.  The old small toys were often just one color.  I am really happy that Mayhem came in color, since he seems to be playing an important role in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Since Mayhem is an important character I do hope that a better toy does come out of him, if the show is successful.  Kind of like how Thundercats did with Kit and Kat in the original toy series, each of them came as solid character toys with one of the adults.  Though later figures were released of them with joints.  It would be fun to have a Mayhem that can be posed more.  I really wish he could be held by the April toy, since he spends time in her arms.

This set of characters works well together.  Both toys are sculpted well and look like they should from the show.  I do like the paint job on April, it does not feel like they skipped out on much if any important details.  I recommend this for fans of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and toy collectors. 

Are you planning to get April and Mayhem?  What are your thoughts on the new toy?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.



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