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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II opened up on the streets of New York City and came down to a pizza place, Roy’s, with the crowd buzzing and eating pizza.  A young delivery boy is called over to deliver a pizza to “That O’Neil Lady”.  The scene is well known as it introduces Keno to the movie.  Though how many fans have known the location of Roy’s?

In 2005, I had a lot of time to myself to run the streets of New York. When Mark and Molly Bode learned that I was running around New York City, they told me to go to Ray’s Pizza, where they filmed that opening scene in Ninja Turtles II.  I was thrilled to go as they gave me the location.  I found my way there and learned that not only was it cool for being in the Ninja Turtle films, the food was great and fast became my favorite New York Pizza.

At the North West Corner of 6th Avenue and 11th Street, the small pizza place sat with only a few tables for people to go in and eat at.  Large slices of pizza and some drinks to choose.  It was cash only, so they had an ATM machine right there for anyone who did not have cash.  Ray’s became one of my normal stops when visiting the city as the food was good and a lot of other fans wanted to see the pizza place that Keno worked for in the film.

Being in New York for New York City Comic Con this last October, I went to do my normal stop over at Ray’s for a slice of pizza. Though to my surprise, there were papers over the window and the name Rays was removed from the signs.  It was gone. I know I fell in shock.  Earlier in the year, a friend of mine, Neil, posted something about Ray’s closing on my Facebook wall.  Though when I looked at the link posted it was not for the Ray’s that was used in Ninja Turtles II, so I had no reason to expect them to be closed.  This came as a real shock to me.

Once I got back to my hotel room I did research on what was going on with Ray’s Pizza.  It seems there were a number of Ray’s Pizza in New York City not connected to each other.  And even though the Ray’s I’m talking about opened in the 1970’s, it was not the first Ray’s in New  York City.  In 1991, a group got together of the different Ray’s and got the rights to the name. Though the Ray’s I went to was not part of that group.  So the ones who got the rights to the name have been trying to get Ray’s to change their name ever since, saying that by having their name it is stealing their business.

I did not feel they was any harm to the other Ray’s, as they won over their customers with great tasting food and history in their area.  It also upsets me that a group that started in 1991 could force a place that’s been around since the 1970’s to change their name.  I hear they’re just changing their name and will reopen, and I hope that is the case, as I want to return to having my favorite New York pizza.  The only thing that this lawsuit has done is make it so I will never eat at any of the other “Ray’s Pizzas” in New York City.

If you ever go to New York City and want some good pizza, go to the pizza place at 6th Avenue and 11th Street!  Not only will you be getting the best pizza in town, you will also be standing in Roy’s Pizza from TMNT 2, which will always be the Original Famous Ray’s Pizza to me.

If you have any updates on how the location is doing, if they've opened back up or if they're still closed.  Please do comment below and let us know.  Thanks!

Read our update on this Original Famous Ray's Pizza location here "The Famous Roio’s Pizza – Update"

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does anyone know where the opening fight scene took place in this movie? the shopping center?

Hey there, big TMNT fan from Australia. I'm heading over to America in March and just wanted to see if you knew of any other worthy Ninja Turtle locations in New York. Thanks. Ash. COWABUNGA!

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There are a few good locations. Depends on what areas of Ninja Turtles you fan, if you like the 4Kids series there's the Castle and Turtle Pond in Central park. It looks the same as it did in the cartoon, this is where they moved to in Season 4. If you like Turtle Tunes there are a handful of locations through Central park from the Fountain to the Merry-go-round that was used in filming that. Turtle fans usually like to go to 11th and Bleeker since that is the cross streets that the second time around shop was suppose to be at. Though there was no filming done there, it was a set. This is right down the street from where Ray's that I'm talking about in this story. I hope this helps on some locations that I can think of off the top of my head. Do enjoy your trip to New York City! It's amazing place to visit!

I will fly to NYC from Valencia (Spain) tomorrow. I was looking for info about the ROY'S PIZZA of the TMNT and I found this. Today is a sad day. I was 5 when I usually watched this movies. Thank you for the information ;)

It's open!!! It's open again!!. They change the name, but they promised me is the same pizza. Know I understand whats the meaning of a lot of cheese. Really good flavor. Go ninja, go ninja, go!