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Everyone has something that makes them feel good inside.  Some know what makes them feel great, while others are still looking for that something.  From collections, being entertained, traveling, friends to sharing, most fans have more than one area they enjoy. It’s always fun to hear what each fan loves about their special interest.  This write up is about the passion behind Cowabunga Corner, and why it’s important to me to keep this site going.

As anyone who’s met me, seen this site, or heard about me knows I am a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.  This is my passion, the thing that makes me happy.  When asked about TMNT, my usual answer for why I am such a huge fan is because they taught me to read, defend myself and got me hundreds of fans around the world.  Those three answers are the roots of my fandom, and remain the same.  What makes me feel good inside though, is sharing.

When I first got into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I had no clue how much they were going to change my life.  It was a cartoon that I would race home to watch, a movie that impressed me with amazing costumes, and toys that fit along side my Ghostbusters and Little Pony toys.  As I got older and saw what they did for me, I realized that these Turtles could do the same for others.  Which was soon proved when I got on the internet and started to meet fellow TMNT fans, many of which had stories of how these super heroes touched their hearts and changed their life for the better. 

In the year 2000 is when I realized that there could be a day where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could disappear.  At this time I stood up with other fans and raised our voices to encourage a comeback.  We got to share how important these characters were to us and I how good that made me feel.  Since then we’ve had two cartoon series, two movies, a ton of toys, and a handful of different comics on the market with Dreamwave, Mirage Vol. 4, Tales of TMNT Vol 2 and now IDW.  Turtles are going strong in media. 

There was a time when I did not feel so good about sharing.  This is a story that is still true to this day.  Where someone enjoys to share what they’ve done, learned, gotten, seen, and more only to be judged by others, usually fellow fans who take things a different way.  Even now as I work to share so much online, there are those out there who spread rumors about me, calling me selfish and saying that I am bragging. 

As I hear this, I have also seen how other bloggers are treated across the internet, with hateful words such as “blogspam”.  When someone shares links to their personal blog, they’re being called spammers even when it’s of the same topic in which was being discussed.  Though it’s okay to share the blog of someone else.  I personally find this rude and disrespectful to those who work for the fandom for free.

Running a blog is a lot of work.  From coming up with stories that others would be interested in hearing, editing and so much more.  Most bloggers are free, with a few ads on their site, lucky if they bring in $10 in a year from those ads.  Every blog has something different to share, so it’s not a competition.  Sharing their reviews, interviews, and more with forums gives the members of those forums more updates on things going on with their fandoms or topics, putting the work on the blogger themselves and making it easier for the readers.  Yet instead of being thanked on most sites, they’re treated like outcasts. 

But, that’s part of having the desire to share their stories with others and getting the information out there. You have to look past the negative responses and keep looking to share the stories to those who do want to read these stories. I truly do enjoy working on Cowabunga Corner and getting  these stories out to the people, sharing the photos and the memories the best I can, because there are people who do want to hear these stories and see so many different parts of the Ninja Turtles that they may not have ever seen or heard of before.

With sharing these stories I have helped inspire others to follow their dreams and have touched the lives of many who have come by the website.  It has been an honor to hear how much people have learned and enjoyed.  It is because of our readers that Cowabunga Corner is still around, and that I am inspired to keep sharing all of these memories, reviews and interviews with the fandom.  I hope to keep Cowabunga Corner going for years to come and sharing these adventures with our readers and hearing their adventures, as well!

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