Sideshow Collectiable Shredder Statue

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always got gems coming to the market.  Some of which seem out of reach because of cost.  Though I do try to keep getting some of the costly things, there are times things slip by me.  For me the things that keep slipping through my grip has been the Sideshow statues.  I got the full set that was released by Playmate toys of the four Turtles, which for the most part I’ve been happy with.  Though sideshow came out with Shredder and Mouser, those are ones I have wanted since I first saw.  Little was I to know that I would get Shredder for Christmas.

In this video I share my thoughts on this Shredder statue.  Some details that I have left out of the video which I want to share is my statue is #265 from 500.  This Shredder’s pose is taken from issue 10 of the Mirage comics, unlike the Turtles from Playmates who are from issue 1.  Still both based off of Mirage comics and matching up so well in size is great.

Do you own this statue or any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle statues from Sideshow?  If so please share your thoughts of the statues and the detail put into these.  All comments, reviews, and questions are welcomed below!


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