Snap Review: TMNT Memory Game


Most people have games that they hold close to them from their childhood, be it Peek a boo, Hide and Seek, video games or board games.  There was something that held the attention to this game, and no one knows why or how this became the game of choice for each of them.  They just know.  For me, I use to love the memory game.  Whenever I see it to this day, I remember how much I enjoyed the game.  To the point I was buying memory games for my nephews a few years ago for the Holidays.  When I found that they made a version based on Ninja Turtles, I couldn’t help but buy it right away.  Here’s my snap review of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Memory Match Game.

The game is just like any other version of memory, you have a bunch of cards face down.  You flip up two that are the same and you won those cards, and can take another turn until you flip two cards that are not the same.  The goal is to start off not knowing where the cards are, but to remember where they were as the game progresses.  It’s a great skill to help people learn to remember things.  And I loved this mind teaser even as a child.

This game is based on the Nickelodeon series of Ninja Turtles, so it has all the art and characters from that series up to right past the beginning of Season 2.  It’s fun for people of all ages, if the child in you will let ya play such a simple yet enjoyable game.  I love the different characters mixed in, including Leatherhead.  Even the Shellraiser has a card!  Though if you want to see all the cards just watch the video, I do show them.

I would love to see more memory games for TMNT based on the other series.  As we’re seeing things like retro shirts and toys.  Why not games?  With three successful cartoons, five movies, and five different comic book series there’s options for more versions of this game.  Which could be sold as collector editions.  And they would sell.  As much as I know I would enjoy this, the market would need to see more interest.  Which means I highly recommend this game to all TMNT fans to help support the market of seeing more cool things like this. 

Do you have the TMNT Memory game?  What is your thoughts on this product?  Did you like the Memory game growing up?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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