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One thing I’ve been thinking about sharing here on Cowabunga Corner is more stuff about the different people I know and their talents, skills and what they have to offer.  Some will be interviews, others will be just short write ups.  In this write up, I’d like to share a little bit about one of my favorite artist.

Artwork is one thing that has lasted on this planet as far back as people can remember, and is one of the key things in my family that keeps us going.  As a child, I grew up with my father always doing such wonderful art be it animated cartoons, costumes or puppets.  He could do anything.  Though he is not the only one in the family with the talent of art.  My sister, Miki, has been succeeding with her artwork since she was a child, having a card released at stores at the age 7 with her art work on it.  She could always blow me away with her skills of drawing anything from animated characters to realistic drawings.  By all means, her artwork is a skill that I only wish that I got as well when I was young. 

For the last twenty years, Miki has been doing her artwork as commission pieces where she’s helped design web pages, done drawings of people, built costumes, and big props.  She’s even done artwork at a few of the local Haunted Houses.  Miki’s work is all one of a kind, and she can design just about anything people ask of her.  She does do commissions still through Deviantart, and she makes pieces that are sold on eBay. 

Some of my favorite pieces that she made for someone was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magnets.  She did a set of all four Turtles, heads with the hands and weapons.  Though other sculptures  ranges from Anime Characters to Dragons and many more creatures.  Her dream is to work on stop motion movies so she works with different types of clay to learn new tricks in how to perfect her artwork.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this sharing of Miki’s work and if you’re interested in any artwork from her please check out her Deviantart account to ask for commissions or go to her eBay store to see what she has up right now.

Miki's Ebay Store

Miki's Deviantart

All photos & art by: Miki Ivey


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Miki really is an awesome artist! I met her at a convention last year and got to see some of her work in person. She has an amazing eye for detail, and puts so much love into every piece she makes that all of her works practically come to life. I got a commission from her of Lock, Stock, and Barrel from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and it was sooooo cool! Everyone who sees it thinks it's awesome! The quality was very professional, and I would love to have her do more commissions for me in the future!