Thanks From Cowabunga Corner!

Cowabunga Corner's one year anniversary!

Our video blog started off while I was just goofing off for the camera a few days after being interviewed by the Detroit Free Press.  We wouldn't have gone a full year if it wasn't for our viewers!  I want to thank everyone who's subscribed and commented on our YouTube channel, joined our FaceBook fan page, friended our MySpace Mascot, and followed us on Twitter!  Cowabunga Corner would not still be going if it wasn't for you!

To say thanks we updated the website with a new look and even got a new logo!  We're also working at getting more stuff together for future episodes and writes-ups.  Here's hoping for another year of fun here at Cowabunga Corner!

Help Keep Cowabunga Corner alive!  Share your favorite videos or write ups.  Click the like buttons.  And comment!  Let people know about us, for the best way of keeping something we enjoy around is by sharing it with others who may enjoy it as well!

Since sharing videos is how Cowabunga Corner started, right now I'll like to share some Ninja Turtle Videos on YouTube that I get a laugh out of and think that the people behind them did a GREAT job!

I am in no way connected to any of these videos. If you want to comment to the people who made the videos, please do check out their YouTube channels!

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