Thanks Everyone

Life has been hard this last week, waking up daily with little to no sleep as I rely on pain killers to just help get through the day.  For those who don't know, I went through a surgery on November 18th. This is the surgery I've been waiting for since 2008 to help with the pain caused by RSD, read about RSD here.  Though the first part of the surgery has taken place, they were not able to finish. I will have to go back in for a smaller surgery to finish what they need to do.  In the meantime, I’m still in my normal pain though now it is coupled with the pain from the surgery.

One of the great things that has been helping me through these long hard days has been reading so many kind words from those online that talk to me through Faceook Wall, TMNT-L, email and even the Cowabunga Corner page.  I got one message through Facebook today that brought a smile to my face.

A young man from France wrote me to say how Cowabunga Corner has helped him through a hard time in his life.  That alone always touches me, knowing that Cowabunga Corner is something people can look forward to.  Though he wanted to express his thanks in one thing he does well, painting.

Urijah Fabermo did the first graffiti art that I’ve seen based on me.  He painted Michele as graffiti on a wall in France.  I do not know the location of this painting though it looks really cool so wanted to share the photos that he sent us. 

I want to personally thank Urijah, this was very kind of him and I love the art work!  It brought a big smile to my face during this hard time.  I hope everyone else enjoys seeing Urijah’s art work.

Thanks to everyone who have been taking the time to wish me well wishes during this time. It is greatly appreciated, and I wish all of you the best.


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