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On February 1st, Nickelodeon released a group of images of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys.  These images have been around for a few days now as we’ve been taking time to cover each of the areas that was released to us.  Though there was some video that got released later that day, which gave us even more new toy images,  including some of the other lead characters.  This is what I’m going to go over for today.

Splinter is the most changed character, when it comes to the colors.  For some very strange reasons he has markings I’ve never seen on a rat, over his face.  I was hoping that it was just the paint job that made me feel off about this Splinter, though it’s a lot more than that.  His nose is too thick, so the face is missing that rat like look.   I do think the paint job though is the thing that troubles me the most.  These new colors on his face is not that of any rat I’ve ever seen.  Out of the toys this is my least favorite.

I remember being at the “Mutation in Progress” event at San Diego Comic Con International this last year and seeing a photo of Splinter on the screen.  He looked different to all of us. Though while different,  I remember thinking I could still like this new look of his.  It would just take some time getting use to.  I don’t have a picture perfect memory to say if this toy matches what I saw on the screen that day.

I stare at this photo of Splinter taken from a video and I try to wrap my head around it.  This is not a Splinter I know. He’s got fur unlike any rat I’ve ever seen before with mixtures of black, white and brown.  His face has the patern of a badger, not a rat.  His noise comes out thick like a dog.  His ears are pointy and covered in fur.  His clothes look like that of Mutation Splinter from the original TMNT toy line, to where the seems look as if they can open in the sleeves.  There’s a black circle on his forehead.

I know I should give my thoughts on if I like this toy or not.  As a first impression, I say “no” he don’t look like Splinter.  But I have to step back and ask myself if I’m judging this fairly, having not seen the show.  I’ve only seen one photo of him from the cartoon and that was about seven months ago.  All I can say right now is, he does not look like a rat to me as a toy.

This is the new April O’Neil, a teenager who’s parents are taken and the Turtles befriend her.  Such a new twist that a lot of fans do not seem to like this.  The toy itself shows she’s much younger than we know April as, she’s got the rounded head like you see in “Ben 10”, tight clothes, and like usually a stiff toy, no joints in the elbows or wrist for April.

For me there’s nothing cool about this April.  She looks a lot different, so when I see her I don’t think “April O’Neil”.  She’s a generic female character.  Red hair with a pony tail.  Not sure if I’m going to like her character in the show yet, just know that this is a toy I might be able to just buy to keep in package.

Now onto Krang, or should I say the Kraangs.  Anyone who read the “Mutation in Progess” post, knows that this is the new name of the Utroms from the Mirage Comics and 4Kids series.  Though anyone looking at this toy can see that the model is much more Krang looking from the old cartoon series.  If I have to pick a favorite from these toys, it’s Kraang.  The extra tentacles are really cool, makes him a bit more creepy and bet he has an easier time moving around without that body.    A lot of detail went into Kraang himself which makes him a toy worth owning.  Varner Studios did a wonderful job on this design. 

Last is the Shredder.  I hope that this toy is not really what we’re going to see of Shredder in the cartoon series. He’s too bulky with a tiny head.  The blades are huge on him.  I’d like to see the toy in person to really judge it as all we really have is these stills taken from the MTV video.  Being the lead villain, he’s big and threatening as a toy.  Though still has all the items that people look for with Shredder, his helmet and blades.

Overall these are more toys that I will be buying.  The villains look good, the Kraang is amazing!  Though Splinter and April will take a lot of getting use too.  I really hope that this toy is not a detail per detail character design of Splinter in the new TV show.  If he was not a rat, than I might be ok with the toy.  But he’s a rat. So far the best two Splinter toys to ever come out go to the original 1987 Splinter and the 1992 Movie Splinter toys.

What are your thoughts on these toys?  Please share in the comment section below!


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Um, so what about the Foot ninja?
I think the biker one looks better.
And to be honest Im not a fan of the "bug eyes" especially on black, but I can look past it of they come with some cool extra weapons (so the biker can get one) and look good in the show.

Michele Ivey's picture

Yeah, I did think about doing the Foot in the review. Esp after seeing they were two different ones. Though did not get around to it. Personally I like the Foot, even with the bug eyes. Usually Foot toys come out good. What I do take notice too, is even though they gave the Turtles a 3rd toe is that these Foot toys have two toed boots. So they do realize how cool it is for Ninjas to have two toed, since it is part of a Ninja outfit, yet they took that one feature away from the Turtles themselves.

first i think splinter looks totally off i really don't like it. for April I'm sure the cartoon will do the toy justice, sure she might not be that mobile, but as a character I'll probably like her once I understand her from the cartoon point of view. Kraang is excellent!and shredder I kinda like too, except for his shoulder guards being to big for his shoulders.

I go right to the point. I don’t like April’s design. It’s like your saying, Ben 10 style. Seriously, she doesn’t fit in there.

I make a quick utterance, cause I need to get this out.
April in the comics: Love her!
Classic cartoon: Hate her!
The live action movies: Love her! Well, in the third she was a bit annoying…
2003 cartoon: She was awesome!
2007 movie: She was just… there… Didn’t care.

Anyway, even if I have my ups and downs with this character, in my eyes April ends up more like a symbol then a character. She symbolizes the normal life that the turtles will never have. Being the only ones of their kind, they will never be able too get a girlfriend, get married, have kids. Ok, they had some girls here and there, that they had some kind of special connection with. But they were mostly from different worlds or couldn’t be with them. The point is, they will never be able too live a normal life on earth.

This is sort of a “hidden” tragedy, which floats around in the background in the turtle stories. And April is there to remind the turtles of that. Even she realizes this, in the comic “Sons of the Silent Age”.

Sooo, when I first heard that April would be a teenager and that Don would be having a crush on her, my thought was: “Don’t you dare make them to a couple! That will flip everything around and making it wrong!”
I have sort of expected that April is a teen now. I think that they simple just made this change so that younger girls will have someone to relate to. But, why don’t just make up another teenage girl? Like they did in the 2003 series with Angel. Random question. What do you think about her?

And Dons crush? Well, I can understand that he’s in love with her. I wouldn’t have surprised me if all four had a crush on her. Teenager boys, who have been isolated the most of their life, of course they would fall for the first girl they befriend.

But it’s just that… if they end up together… it would just, in my opinion, destroy everything. It would work if they made it like April never gets the fact that he loves her and he’s too shy to tell her. And then she gets a boyfriend (a teenager Casey Jones?), which breaks Dons heart. With that I can go! As long the romance doesn’t get too much attention. Being In love is wonderful, but watch it can be a pain if it’s too much.

Wow, I sound really evil and angry. That wasn’t my point xD
But I just needed to get it out.

And one more thing!
From my point of view, it seems like they’ve planned a lot for Donatello in the new cartoon. Just think about it. His height, his’ the tallest and one missing tooth (and the crush of course), making him stick out from his brothers a little bit more. Which I don’t think is bad. Don’s my favorite! :D

Speaking of him. Have you seen this?

It’s a fancomic about Donatello. Only one really short chapter is up, but the second one is on the way and it looks like it could be really awesome! The comic hasn’t got much attention yet, so please go there, read it, leave a comment and post the link on the site so more people here about it! The guys working on this deserves more reviews :)

So, enough from me now! Sorry if something sounds really weird in my text. I’m from Sweden.

Take care!


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This is one of the longest and funniest replies yet. You had me laughing and agreeing with you in so many different areas. I'm not into Romance as I mentioned in Cowabunga Corner #69, though if done right I don't mind it. Just no over killing it.

With Angel she was an ok character, I liked when she was used. I may do a character review on her sometime. :) Got a lot of those to do, and only able to get to so many per a season of the blog. May start doing some written ones that I won't do for the video blog, we'll see where she ends up. ;)

“Sons of the Silent Age” was a wonderful comic book, great for showing when April just realized the spot the Turtles were in. I was so disappointed that they took that powerful message out of the 4Kids episode based on this issue. Originally when I heard they were doing it as an episode I was excited, I know it's for kids. But dealing with lost and powerful messages is something kids need to learn too. Would of been great to give that issue the proper nod in the series.

I will try and get around to checking out this fancomic... I don't normally read to many fanfictions and such because I have so many friends who are writers and if I read one, I feel like I gotta read the others. I'd spend my full time reading if that's the case. ;) Though if it's short right now, I will try to take a peek at it. :) I do like supporting the fans, just need more of me to cover all the stuff out there.

Thanks so much for the comment! You have a great insight at how you view the characters in TMNT, sounds a lot like how I look at them.

Im glad I could bring some joy to you with my comment ;)

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