TMNT 2012 Sneak Peek Video Surprise!

All new information on the 2012 series has been released.  The photo on Monday was just a teaser for the following information that has been leaked with news about the new show starting to pop up on more sites.  Keeping up with it is going to be crazy, though Cowabunga Corner will do our best to bring you all the news we see.  Plus our inside look at these first glances of what is to come for the Ninja Turtles.

One of the biggest hypes right now is the release of video footage, as called “work in progress,” of the new show.  It shows each turtle with a weapon, as well as the new logo and the teaser date of 2012.

The art work in this video looks as if it’s taken straight from a video game.  Though hearing the show is a work in progress, I assume that the images we’re getting are not fine tuned to what we should be looking forward to next year. Also each Turtle is on the screen for only a matter of seconds. You barely see any actual movement and there are  no voices being shared just yet.  This teaser was meant only as that, a teaser to give us something to get the Turtle fans all excited about.  And it’s working.

Though the fans are in an uproar over a few details, namely the weapons.  I will admit that at first I too was a bit worried when I saw the clip the first 10 times.  As I watched it over and over, there was no sign of relief.  Both Michelangelo’s and Donatello’s weapons have blades added to them.  Though while playing around with the video on pause, I found some secrets to the video. A big spoiler about the new show and about the weapons, which has brought me to like these new features.

The video moves to fast for anyone to see it.  Though if you go through it slowly while on pause you’ll see that both the bo staff and the chucks are still bo staff and chucks.  In fact, the blade is an extra feature that is not always seen.  The video starts with Mike having what looks to be a normal pair of chucks until a blade comes out of the end of it.  The part with the blade is shown so long that it fools the eyes and people don’t realize the blade was not there at the beginning of the clip.  The same thing happens with Donatello’s bo stuff.  The blade shoots out of the tip.

So in a sense this is like the Next Mutation where they played with the weapons and besides for Mike, the weapons were really the same.  You had Leonardo with his sword that acted like scissors, Donatello with his staff that was short but grew long and Raphael with his sais that connected on the handles to turn into one weapon.  Weird as it seemed, the design was done but the features were barely ever used.

The video clip was originally released on Entertainment Weekly.  In their story they give a short blurb about the new series coming out in 2012, then they show the video.  Watch the video and let us know what you think.
Sneak Peek Video from EW!

For those who do not see the images of the weapons as a normal bo staff or nunchucks here are some of the images that we caught of the video.
More news released was the name of the actor who will be the new voice of Leonardo for the series, Jason Biggs. This information was noted at and brought to the attention of fans by Roseangelo on her blog, Ninja Pizza.  This now makes it so we know the voices of Leonardo and Donatello in the new series, as Rob Paulsen was earlier announced as the new voice of Donatello.  Hopefully we’ll hear more news soon as to who will be the other voice actors on the series.

Cowabunga Corner will work to keep the news coming about the upcoming TMNT series and movie!


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Nice article! Thank you for the good news. Although I'm one of those fans who'd rather see Mikey and Don with kusarigama and niganata rather than their usual nunchaku and bo staff. A little change is good from time to time. Especially given that this upcoming TMNT series is a massive reboot.

i was kinda worried about the weapons at first but now that you pointed that out i feel more at ease :) im glad they are still similar and the added features arent too bad i guess. the only thing that bugs me atm is like you said, it looks like a videogame. cant wait to see the finished product tho ^^