The story is by Kevin Eastman, something we didn’t expect to be seeing again with the Ninja Turtles.  Very exciting for all of us fans.  The script is writen by Tom Waltz with layouts by Kevin Eastman and the final artwork by Dan Duncan.  Ronda Pattison is the colorist.

The art work looks good, with a new feel to each of the characters, as the Turtles all seem to be themselves with the red masks, long head bands and their proper weapons.  The big difference inside the comic with the Turtles is that they’re wearing the white wrappings around their feet, knees, wrist and elbows.  On the cover they have classic leather look.

The lettering in the comic was done by Bobby Curnow.  It’s got a nice thick touch to it, making it so the letters are easy to read even though they’re small.  Overall I’m excited about the look, feel and layout of the comic without even getting the chance to read it.   IDW did a great job at bringing in a team to give us a new comic that could excite the fans of the original comics.

The story of this comic brings us to a back alley fight where three of the Turtles and Splinter are up against some street thugs that is lead by a cat with a patch over his right eye.  Splinter seems to know the cat, calling him Old Hob.

The fight is good with pages of battle scenes and text in every image. We get to know this new villain, though not enough as the comic is very short at only eight pages long.  It ends with Old Hob getting away with his final line “Just like that OTHER stinkin’ Freak, you’re all gonna disappear... and be forgotten forever!”

This shows us that Old Hob is the reason for there only being three Turtles in this fight, as Raphael is missing.  As Splinter stops his sons from going after Old Hob, the broken expressions cover all of their faces as Splinter says ‘Raphael...’

The last panel shows Raphael without a mask walking alone... wearing a trench coat and hoodie.  As we get the lines “To be continued in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1”

Overall, I felt it was well put together, gave us questions to get excited for the first issue and a taste of the art work.  And if the comic wasn’t enough to get us on the edge of our seats for the first issue of the comic then maybe the 10 Questions with the creative team would be!

They cover a handful of topics, like who does what on the comics, what it was like for Kevin to come back to TMNT, and who each of their favorite Turtles were.  If you like a look at behind the scenes for comic books, then this is a nice little issue to get.

The inside cover of the back of the comic has an ad for the Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 book, which is to be released in August 2011.  The back of the cover has an ad for issue #1 of the IDW Comics which is also coming out this August.  Overall it’s a nice way to get us all excited.

Thanks IDW for allowing the fans this sneak peek!  And for letting us pick up these comics for free at Comic Con and for taking the time to interview the creative team right inside the book for us to have a feel for how things are going with the making of the comic.

I personally can not wait to pick up IDW TMNT #1 next month!  In the meantime, I’m sharing my Ashcan with any TMNT fan I meet!

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I am so thankful I came across your Blog about the Turtles. You have a tremendous passion for the entire cast of TMNT. I purchased my first comic ever back in the 80's from a hole in the wall shop in downtown Hawaii. That comic was TMNT # 1. An oversized B&W issue I thought was so unigue and I was hooked.!! I will admit after the first series ended I was never into the following versions that came after. I loved the feel that the original book presented and it was never really felt after. Now, enter Eastmans envolvement again. Wow..!! What an Absolute Great begining to the Heroes in a Half Shell I loved so much so long ago. I want to thank you for your commitment to the Turtles and I look forward to following your site...Chris