TMNT on Mad TV

With TMNT having down time as we watch every piece of news coming out from Nickelodeon and IDW for something new, it’s good to see spoofs of the Turtles on the air to give us all something to enjoy.  Recently on Cartoon Network their Mad TV cartoon did it’s own spoof on TMNT mixed with TMZ, calling it TMNTMZ TV.

Now Mad Magazine has a history with TMNT, as they’ve done spoofs of the Turtles in more than one issue back in the early 1990’s.  It was really refreshing to see a new skit on the Turtles.  It had the feeling of the 1980’s Shredder, though the Foot were humans in this this, as they were talking.  The animation was well done, as it was their own style though some of the way the characters moved reminds me of how they would move in some of the episodes of the original TMNT series like “Cowabunga ShredHead”.   The voices were off with some of the Turtles, though it was still very well done picking on most of the Turtles.

This has me hoping to see more Ninja Turtles on the Mad TV cartoon, much like we’ve been able to watch for them on Robot Chicken.

My personal favorite character in this short was Shredder, they did a great job making him out as the host, Harvey Levin of TMZ. I’ve watched that show a few times, so it did feel like something the old Toon Shredder could get away with.

For anyone who has not seen this video yet it was posted on youtube so we’ll like to show it here as long as youtube allows it to remain up.  Enjoy the video!

Thanks Mad TV for giving us a very cool nod to the TMNT!  Respect to all the talent working on your show!

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