TMNT Monster Truck

Over the years there has been a lot of really cool things made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Stuff people enjoy from toys, comics, clothes, even skateboards and skis.  Though one of the biggest and most awesome things I’ve ever seen made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the Monster Truck!  A real Monster Truck done up as a Ninja Turtle with the face mask and shell!  This Truck is a sight that will just blow any TMNT fans minds.  In 2005, I got to see this truck in person, which is the story I’d like to share with everyone now.

I first heard of the Monster Truck when it was being made. Photos started to appear on the Internet.  This was something I never even thought of when the words Ninja Turtles were spoken around me.  Though soon after the talk of Monster Trucks being made, the toys came out.  I wanted to see this truck and for the first time in my life I started to pay attention to Monster Jam.  When the ads would come on TV, I’d stare at it wondering if the Ninja Turtle Truck will be coming to Michigan.

I learned on the website that they don’t list all the trucks that are going until close to the show date, and even after that there’s still a chance of different trucks being there.  So how to be sure about the truck coming was not something to easy to learn.  This was also my first winter with RSD, so I was having a rough time getting around.  I remember going to the mall with some friends and it being really cold out. We went to Borders Books. As they were looking at the books, a bright yellow poster in the hall way caught my attention. It was the Turtle Monster Truck. Not only coming to Michigan, but going to be at the mall I shop at the most!

Friday, January 14th, 2005, the Turtle Monster Truck was going to be there!  I planned my day, no matter what I was going to spend the opening hours of the mall there.  And I did just that, I got there early for the mall opening and found where the Truck was.  It was huge!  I got pictures from all around the truck.

I was disappointed at first to hear that no one from Monster Jam was going to be there.  Though, I still camped out near the truck with a handful of TMNT merchandise from my Remote Raphael Truck to some rare Turtle items that sat in a back pack.  If people came up to talk Turtles to me, I could answer questions and let them know this truck was going to be at Monster Jam the following night.  I also could tell them about the 4Kids series.  I was so excited.

The mall employees took notice of me being there and started to talk with me as well.  To my surprise, one of the people who was working with Monster Jam on having the truck there got a hold of the driver, Alex Blackwelland. Alex agreed to come to the mall for autographs.  Once he showed up, things even picked up more with people getting pictures with him and having him sign things.  I had him sign my truck.

Alex told me that even though the truck right now is Raphael with red, that they were making the other Turtles as well.  His truck was to become Donatello down the road.  Some guys came up and asked to take my picture with the truck.  I said okay and posed near the truck and later that day they came back with it printed as an 8 by 10 for me.  Really nice shot too.  I thanked them and decided to get this autographed by Alex.

Alex answered as many questions as he could when it came to the fans about what he knew was going on with Ninja Turtles, though he did point some of the harder questions my way.  I did not mind this at all. It was fun and something I didn’t mind taking part in.

We talked a lot that day, and he mentioned that I should stay to watch the truck be brought out of the building.  He let me know which doors to go to.   So when the mall closed, we went around to the doors that he told us too and got to watch the truck drive out on these small tires.

Over all it was a very memorable day.  The following day I went to Monster Jam, though that’s a story all in it’s own.

What was the first time you saw the Monster Jam Ninja Turtle Truck?  Have you seen any of them live?  Are you a fan of Monster Jam?  Answer any of these questions or share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Hey there!
I own the TMNT Van here in Southern California. I had the TMNT Van on display at all the shows out here this year.I was hoping that the TMNT monster truck would make its way out so I could take pics with it. I got 2 different that it didnt exist anymore and the other that it was only back east..go figure :)

Michele Ivey's picture

I haven't seen it in a long time, though it's still listed on their website. I just wish they'd make it so we could tell which shows the trucks are going to be at on the profile of the trucks... their site is not very user friendly for fans trying to follow certain trucks.

Saw that you made a comment about bringing your Van to Mall of America this upcoming weekend. Is the Mall going to work with you so you'll be there?