Toy Fair 2015 Interview: Good Smile Company TMNT Statues


Walking around Toy Fair we saw a lot of new stuff from different companies.  While a lot of our favorite companies had amazing things, it was a wonderful feeling to find something new and exciting to share with everyone.  One of the things we found was these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues made by “The Good Smile” Company, Enna was nice enough to talk to us about the creation of their awesome set of TMNT Statues.

These Statues are being made by a company that normally works with Japanese anime and gaming characters, such as Trigun and Sonic.  They took notice that a lot of Japanese fans of the properties they normally work with, are also fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  They wanted to do something new and decided to get an artist, James Jean, to design his own version of the Turtles that they could turn into Statues, which brings us this interesting set of Ninja Turtles.

They stand out, as I was across a hall when I first saw the four Turtles.  This is great for any set of statues, as they make for a great conversation piece.  While they do look slightly different from the Turtles we know, they got a style all their own which is what Eastman and Laird has always encouraged their fellow comic book artist to do with the Turtles.  I recommend these Statues to those who like the different items that stand out, people who enjoy a conversation piece and do not lean only to one or two versions of the Turtles.

Preorder is now open for Leonardo and Michelangelo.  These can only be bought through pre order, so if you don’t order them now you will miss out on these collectibles.  If you do order all four, you will be able to get a limited print of the artwork that inspired the statues.

Have you preordered these Turtle Statues?  What do you think of their designs?  Reviews, comments and questions are all welcomed below!

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