Toy Fair 2015 : Rundown

The weekend of Toys is now over.  As of yesterday, we have finished going around and talking to a ton of different toy companies and wow do we have a load of new stuff to share with everyone.  Here’s a fast rundown of some of the stuff you’ll see here on Cowabunga Corner containing back to Toy Fair 2015.

To make sure that we’re bringing stuff that the fans want to see, we booked a lot of walk through to see products over the weekend, with companies such as Playmates Toys, Jakks Pacific's, Alex Brands and many others.  Three of the four days was spent going to these different appointments, looking for not just TMNT products but for anything cool that could catch the eyes of our readers.  Bringing new and exciting things to the site.

Everyone had something interesting to share, sometimes it was product we could share while other times it was no photos allowed.  This does not mean there’s no story to share, just that at this time we can’t expose our viewers to the site of these cool items that will hopefully be for sale.  One of my favorite TMNT items that I was told about was not only no photos, it was could not appear at the Toy Fair.  We can only wait to see this toy come to life in hopefully the near future.

I did see many great items that will be shared in much more in our walk through and booth coverage stories.  From the awesome statue at “The Smile Company”, inspirational products at “Alex Brands”, and overwhelming greatness with “Playmates Toys” and the amount of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items they have in store for us from the normal action figure line, mutations all the way to rides, and the Half Shell Heroes sets. 

Now there was one item I really liked at Toy Fair that will not be coming to the market, this is something I want to share with everyone here.  The Giant TY Turtles.  These Giant awesome items were sadly display only.  I did ask, and hinting that fans would love to own these big plush Turtles.  The reason that we will not be seeing these is the share size and how much it would cost to own one, to make up for the payment of having them made and shipped.  I still believe that fans would enjoy, though I understand where TY stands there. 

There’s so much more to show and share.  Walkthrough, booth, and product reviews are all coming soon.  Hopefully everyone enjoys what we have to offer.  At this time I am traveling, so video stories will not be as fast as they will be when I stay in one place for more than a day or two.

Have you seen photos from Toy Fair that you hope we’ll be covering here on Cowabunga Corner?  Let us know what you’re excited about!  Reviews, comments and questions welcomed below.

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