Toy Fair 2016 : Edwin the Duck


There are a lot of fun toys coming out for 2016.  From Action figures, dolls, games, and educational toys.  We got to see a lot of these toys at Toy Fair 2016 and want to share some of the awesome booths that we stopped at to see what’s new for the market.  Here is our coverage of “Edwin the Duck”.

Edwin is more than just a toy, it has so much to offer to a child.  From learning, a nightlight, games, and even a bath toy.  We got to see Edwin in action, and want to share this cool product.  Our video is an interview that also shows some of what Edwin does.

I do want to say sorry about the sound,  We’re not sure why the sound picked up this bad with the mic, could’ve been low battery.  While there are some problems with the sound, we can still be understood and the product is still shown.

Do you know anyone who has Edwin the Duck?  If so what do you think of this product?  Please leave reviews, comments and questions below.

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