Turtles vs. Foot

Since San Diego Comic Con International the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been sweeping the internet with a site called Turtles vs. Foot.  This website is AWESOME for any Ninja Turtle fan who wants the scoop on what’s going on with TMNT.  For first looks at the TV show, character designs, and other behind the scene images this is the website to join!  But not only that!  You can win cool prizes!  Now the pros and cons of this fun website.

Pro:  Behind the scenes look at Ninja Turtles!   Concept and design art is shared through this website for us to share and help promote the show!  So we can see cool things that you won’t see by just watching the show.  Personally behind the scenes has always been one of my favorite parts of TMNT history, so to have it so open for the fans to see is a great touch and a lot of fun!

Con: You have to have Facebook or Twitter.  This could be to try and prevent people from making more than one account to join.  Though I know a lot of people who hate sites like Facebook and Twitter, so this has turned friends away from joining.  I recommend starting an account and just to attach to this website.  Even if you don’t use it.  Twitter may be the best of the two for that kind of action.

Pro: Advance looks.  They give us the links to see footage from the upcoming episode, before it’s aired on TV.  Not a full episode, but like a teaser!  I’ve always loved a early look at animation, this is what they do at conventions for bonuses.  So to have it arrive in our email is totally worth it.

Con: Only ways to earn points is to have friends join, share, like or comment on their links that they send you to share.  This turns it into a spamming program, where people are encouraged to spam their friends to try and get points and only those with lots of friends have a chance to get the really high points.

Pro: A chance to help promote the new TMNT series and let others know that you like it.  Clearly if you don’t like, you won’t be doing this game.  But for those of us who do enjoy the show, this is a nice way to get the word out to people who’ve never seen it.  Or have been sitting on the fence about checking the series out.

Con: …... can’t think of another one.....

Pro: A chance to win cool TMNT Prizes!  From autograph posters, toys, to comic books!  This site does offer up their users a chance to win some cool stuff.  So if you like free stuff, this is a way of getting involved!

Before judging the site, please do take a moment to check the page out yourself.  Turtles vs Foot!  Nickelodeon’s way of keeping the TMNT fans in the loop!

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