Update: T-Shirt Design Contest

Cowabunga Corner T-Shirt Contest update!

Hey everyone, all entries are in and the voting is going on now for the “Cowabunga Corner” t-shirt design.  The winning design will be used for the first run of the “Cowabunga Corner” t-shirts.  These will be limited edition, made to order during a short slotted time.  Voting ends June 1st when the winner will be chosen based on which design has the most votes.  After that, t-shirt orders will be taken.

The t-shirt orders will be done through snail mail as we are not able to afford to open a business account with paypal yet.  We only take Money Orders.  We will make it so the order forms can be printed and has our address upon the order form so people can mail in the money orders.  Email receipts will be sent to anyone who sends in an order.  We will stop taking orders on June 30th and will place the order with the t-shirt printing company to make the shirts that are ordered.   Any future Shirt will be of a new design.

Judging for the t-shirt design was done by the Cowabunga Corner Crew.  Four judges narrowed it down to our top three favorites.  To try and make this fair, each judge was to pick their three favorites.  After that ,it was counting up which pictures got the most votes.  No judge could pick a picture more than once, so the most votes a picture can get was 4.  The artists who sent in work gave us a hard choice to make as all of the entries were really well thought out and done.  I personally took the time to talk with each judges, let them look over the art and make their choice, without sharing my choices till they already revealed which ones they were interested in.

Now to share the three designs that have the chance to be our first T-Shirt Design.  If you would like to vote, make sure you’re signed into your Facebook account, click on the picture once at the picture on facebook press the 'like' button.  We’re sorry, though “Facebook” is the only way to vote on these designs.  Listed in the order they were entered into the contest.

1. Turtle with Mask by Tim Jot


2. Ninja Mask by: Eric Manuel


3. Turtle at computer by Jen Waring - like button to be added


Hope you like the choices as much as we do and can bring yourself to choose which one you would like to have on a shirt!

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The money for the t-shirts is to help keep Cowabunga Corner going and bring better things to the show for our viewers.  Up to now, all of Cowabunga Corner has been paid for out of pocket.  To keep this up, we need the help of the viewers.

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