Very RARE TMNT Toys for Ebay

This set of Rare Playmate Turtle Action Figures are now on ebay!  Check it out here:

Back in January 2012, there was a toy fair that had very rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys.  These toys came in a black box that was fitted for each character, with a wonderful paint job.  These are different from what you see at the stores, as their weapons were even painted with details.  These are the toys we wish to see hit the shelves of Toys R Us and Target.  Though instead they remain a limited edition toy.

One of our many backers contacted me, saying congratulations to our success with Kickstarter.  Though they know what I’m doing with Cowabunga Corner could still use more help, so they have offered up a donation, a set of four of these very rare Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys with their boxes and all.  These are toys that I personally do not own, though they have one single request with this set.  They are to go on auction to raise additional funds.

This beautiful set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys are going to be split up into four auctions.  They are the most rare Turtle toys to come out this year and as I’ve tried doing searches, there are no others like these on the market at this time.

People often ask me if there’s any TMNT that I do not own.  Well, add these to the list, they’re wonderful toys.

Good luck to all of our viewers for getting one of these toys into your collections!

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