Video Review: POP Vinyls April, Bebop, Rocksteady and a Foot Soldier


There is a lot of products coming out for the Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon series.  They got shirts, wallets, toys, posters and more.  A lot of them using the same production artwork over and over again.  The toys are giving them their own changes here and there.  One of my favorite lines of Toys is from Funko.  The POP Vinyl figures.  I’ve already shared reviews on the four Turtles, Splinter and Shredder.  Now I want to share my thoughts on April O'Neil, Bebop, Rocksteady and the Foot Soldier.

These four POP Vinyls are totally matching up to the Classic TMNT series with their normal twist to be part of the POP line of figures.  Plenty of detail in both the sculpts and the paint job.  I am very impressed how they’re able to take these characters and bring them to life in a whole new style while staying true to who they are.  Their head joint is the only part of them that moves, which works for me.  I can put them on display, without worry about their legs moving causing them to be hard to stand up.

I do have a favorite out of these four, which I share in the video.  As they are just that likeable.  I highly recommend these for all TMNT collectors who enjoy the original cartoon series.  Out of the new toys that take a nod to the classics, these are my favorites.  I would love to see them make more characters like Krang and Baxter the Fly.  The Channel Six news crew would be so cool as POP!  I hope that the TMNT ones are selling enough to keep the line going for a long time.

Do you have any of these POP Vinyl TMNT figures?  If so which ones do you own?  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below! 


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