Video Review: TMNT Uno


Here on Cowabunga Corner we try to cover all sorts of different types of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Products from different companies.  It’s not often we get the same product from two different companies.  This is one of those rare times.  I grew up playing the game Uno with my family and was thrilled to get the TMNT Uno for Christmas last year.  I saved it for when I could film before opening, till I was recently given another version of the game.  I thought it would both be from the same company, but to my surprise they’re not.  Here is my review of the Cardinal TMNT Uno and the Mattel Games TMNT UNO.

The video goes over the cards, as I don’t play the game.  Showing the cards and characters.  Sharing my likes and dislikes between the two series of cards.  I personally love the colors of the Mattel Game version, and Cardinal  brings more of the traditional version to the table.  Both are really cool and give different characters for the fans.

I have taken the time to play the Mattel Games version of TMNT Uno with some friends.  It was fun, and brought back a lot of memories of playing the game when I was younger.  Even though it’s not the one with the traditional color, the game play brings a nostalgia feeling.  I left the game feeling good, and really happy that I have a new copy of the game.  The fact that it’s Ninja Turtles is just a bonus.  

A little note, even though Cardinal and Mattel Games are labled as different companies.  Even the Cardinal version has Mattel mentioned in their legal area.  Also the one from Cardinal is from 2013 while the one from Mattel Games is 2014.

I recommend both versions of the Uno Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.  As they do have different stuff to bring to the table for a fun game night with friends and family. They’re both nice pieces for collectors.  And would make good Holiday gifts.

Do you have TMNT Uno?  Which version do you own?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below!


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