The wait of a new TMNT Film

Movies are something that people put a lot of hope into.  This one thing that takes a lot of work and a lot of money, in the hopes of millions of people going to see.  They are one of the few joys that people still get excited about in these hard days of unemployment and depression.  Many big cities, like Detroit, are falling apart as businesses are closing down.  Yet if you go to a movie theater, no matter what city you’re in, there is always people there.  What makes movies so appealing?  Why will we line up to see films that last only 2 hours when we can watch a TV series that last so much longer, with more character growth, comedy and action?  Whatever the reason, it leaves people asking me all the time “When is the new Ninja Turtle movie coming out?”  “What do you think the new Ninja Turtle Movie will be about?”

Personally I’ll be honest, I love movies.  I go to movies a lot, which is why there are movie reviews here on Cowabunga Corner.  The theater is a wonderful get away to enjoy some time out with friends and family.  If you love or hate the film you go to, there’s a memory attached to it.  Which is why I think films have such a pull on so many people.  And why people crave the new films that are coming out of their favorite characters.  Though if I had to choose between a new film or a new TV series, I would jump at the new TV series.

So that is where my mind is for Ninja Turtles. Though everyone keeps asking me about the movies, and I need to give some sort of feedback.  But how do you give something feedback when there’s nothing really excited about it to post?

Since 2009, we’ve been hearing about a live action movie that was coming out.  A start over of the films, new origins, and of course having the Foot in the film.  They even held try outs in Hollywood for people to become Foot for the new film.  Those try outs were very cool, and they had Ernie Reyes Jr. as one of the judges.  Though only months later the Viacom buy out happened and everything went up in the air.

New producers were added onto the list, writers kept changing, and the release date getting pushed back over and over again.  The film is a rumor in the wind that fans are buzzing about, but no one knows where it’s going.  Now there's the news about a Director being picked for the movie, though even that is in negotiations.  If you talk to different people who work for Nickelodeon even and they all have different answers on what year it will be out.  The only thing people seem sure about is it will wait to see how the new TV series goes with Nickelodeon.

Fans all over buzzing for a movie, a movie that is being promised, a movie that is supposedly being worked on.  Though as the fans buzz, the only sure thing is that we will remain in the dark until they’re ready to show us what is going on.  Throwing out teasers to say “Yes this is still coming”.

So am I excited for a new Ninja Turtle film?   At this point in time, not really.  I see it as a rumor and the only way I will no longer see it as a rumor is when we know filming is going on.  That’s when it becomes real to me and that’s when we will see a release date get set in stone.  That’s when the magic is going to happen.

Until that time, I hold my breath in anticipation for a new TV series, a full season of Turtles in a way we have never seen them before.  Something new with proof that it’s really going to be released and will last us longer than a few hours of enjoyment!

How do you feel about the wait on news for the new film?  Are you excited more about the film or TV series?  If you’re more excited about the film, please tell us why in the comment section below!


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I also do like the movies ( yeah, even the third one =XD ) . Can´t wait to see the new one @__@

I'm definitely psyched for the movie!!! Sure the cartoons were cool when I was little, but it's the movies that TOTALLY got me hooked! :-D

And don't forget the proposed video game! :)