Why Cowabunga Corner 6 has not been Filmed

Cowabunga Corner normally starts our season episodes in June, having a new season start each year since 2010 with interviews, reviews, and so much more.  Though in 2014, we did not have a new season, as Season 6 never started.  We kept promising to get Season 6 going with interviews already filmed and sitting in wait for the rest of the season.  The big questions that people have asked are why and where is the next season?  Here are the answers to what is going on.

My personal life took some major blows in late 2013 with my sister breaking her neck, my great aunt falling and getting injured, and my Father’s heart attack.  We all asked for a better New Year at the end of 2013, though life got worse instead of better.  While we struggled, I personally did not want to bring this to Cowabunga Corner.  I was hoping we could keep the site running as if nothing was wrong, which meant I kept my problems to close friends and would still try to do as many events as I could to keep fresh stories coming.

People who talked to me at events for more than a few minutes about Turtles would start to hear that we were having a rough time.  There was no way to hide it really.  As my dad’s health never returned to normal, Miki is still hurting bad and my aunt passed away from cancer in March.  As soon as my aunt passed away, we realized we could not keep both her home and our house.  Though it was be more affordable for my folks to keep my aunt’s mobile home.  Due to the money, the choice was made to get rid of the house. This is a choice that has killed me inside. 

The house that we’re looking at getting rid of has had four generations of our family live there throughout the years.  It is where VH1 filmed Totally Obsessed, Fanatical filmed and it is where the set of “Cowabunga Corner” is located.  Though for me, it was my Grandma’s home.  It’s the house my mom spent her entire childhood in.  It’s where most of our holiday dinners were held.  It was the one place we always knew we could go to.  

The choice of getting rid of the house is really affecting me.  I will lose the roof over my head.  My mom and dad are moving into a senior park, a small mobile home with only two bedrooms.  Even if I was to fully move in with them, I would be crowded out of that room.  The collection that I have is a major thing for my future plans, with the hopes of opening a museum.  To keep with my dream, I can not get rid of it, though the house where it’s been stored is being emptied.  The sewer set, the room where many friends would stay when they would come to Michigan for events, my home will be gone.

We owe so much on the house that the monthly payments are more than my dad’s income can afford.  This is breaking my dad, and with his health now on the low end he wants to retire and would not be able to afford this if we remain at the spot we’re in now.  Which is why the smaller location has really caught his attention.  Though the house has so much more to offer my family, from his work space, a better laundry room closer to the bedroom for my mom, a handicap accessible bathroom for mom, and a yard for the dogs to go outside more easily and safely and so much more.

Miki and I plan to move to California since we were losing our home in Michigan.  For these plans to work, I left Miki out west when we did our yearly drive so that she could find us a place to live, which she’s been trying to find since August.  She’s still out west right now.  I returned to Michigan and am working alone at getting our stuff out of the house and into storage.  Not easy, with my family being handicapped.  Most of the house still has stuff all the way through it.  We also went through the flood that wiped out the stuff that was in our basement. 

While trying to do this I’m breaking, having the worst depression I’ve ever had.  I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much as I have this last year.  I see my mother broken, as she can’t stand losing the family home.  She’s also been so depressed.   We feel defeated as the workload is way more than we can handle.  The small mobile home is flooded already with too much stuff.  We normally have boxes around us to try and sort, including sitting in the driveway.  The overwhelming feeling has gotten us moving even slower. 

Cowabunga Corner has taken a big blow in all of this.  Lucky for the site we’ve got a lot of toys donated for reviews.  So we’ve got reviews upon reviews to do for the site itself.  Though that is the only filming I’ve done for months.  I got way more filmed than what has been posted, as I sit on trying to edit each video in a daze.  We have gotten someone applying to help with video editing, so we may have more help there soon.

I so badly want to keep Cowabunga Corner going strong, as I know there’s a lot of people who really do enjoy it.  Though with the stress, it’s been very hard to keep the stories going.  The Cowabunga Corner set is full of boxes as we’re packing, and I will be tearing down the sewer soon.  Our site traffic is down, so I’m not applying for some of the press badges we normally go after,  including Toy Fair.  I still want to do get stuff done here, so I write and edit when I can.  

We are trying to save the house, which is way more than we can do on our own.  I had lost hope until we saw on the news about gofundme. I went there and saw people were able to raise money for health, traveling and so much more.  Going through the site, I saw people were getting help with saving their homes, which is when we decided to give it a try.  We would love to save the house and have seen people raise over $500,000 on there for goals, our goal is only at $200,000.  It may sound like a lot, but if people could donate $1, $5, or $20’s it can add up. 

We have raised $1,000 already and are very thankful for that help.  If a few more hundred come in soon, we will be able to take some money out to make the January house payment.  If anyone wants to help us save our house please check out our profile on ‘gofundme’   Our promise is if this is fully funded we will help out others on gofundme, our house will be paid off so we’ll be able to put money back into helping those in need. 

I grew up doing charity work, helping others from with things from food, money to roofs over their heads.  I do believe the world is better when people work together to keep moving forward.  So yes, I do ask for charity if I see no other way out of a spot, but I never take without the knowledge that I will in return 10 times fold in paying it forward. 

This is being done for my mother.  It means the world to her.  I will still be moving out west within the year, as I will still be trying to put together a TMNT Museum.  I will still keep Cowabunga Corner going.   My mother though is staying in Michigan and I know it would mean so much to her, to have the house she grew up in.  It means way more to me, than anything anyone could do for me personally.  My mom is an amazing person and deserves a break.  Please help her out.

Thanks in advance for any who can help!  Here is the link one more time.  If you can’t donate, please do share this story and link, to help spread the word.



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