A World Record Event

On the morning of March 17th, 2012, I went to Mall of America with my youngest daughter, Michele, and two friends, Fugitoid and Tokka.  We woke early to get ready for this event for there was going to be a gathering at the mall to break the Guinness World Records, and we did.

Once we arrived, there a line already starting to form.  Probably 50 or more people had arrived before us.  To me time went fast.  I enjoyed seeing so many young families, many already dressed in some kind of Ninja Turtles type outfits.

Michele wanted to die my gray hair green for this event.  I really wasn’t thrilled with that idea, so I told her I’ll wear a turtle hat and she accepted that.  But she still insisted that she was going to spray some of that green stuff on the ends of my hair.  Oh well, that was just something different. So how often do I do this anyway. Well so be it, she got her way.  So I, too, was dressed for this occasion.

Everyone was so friendly and excited in being part of this event.  People came in from all over.  Like just in our group, Fugitoid was from Florida, Tokka from Colorado, and Michele and I from Michigan.  We knew others came in from California and South Dakota, too. I talked to some people from Wisconsin, as well.  The weather was really great outside for March, too.

The line started moving. We got passes, t-shirts and bandanas. I took an orange one, for Michelangelo.  I put on my t-shirt and bandana, that was mandatory for the count and followed the crowd.  Michele left to go put on her costume and so I wasn’t sure where I was going and ended up in a line that would be going on that ride, Shell Shocked.    Now from there I could see that neat ride up close and also hear the speakers very well that spoke on this event.  But I was trapped.  Not in a good spot of the picture also. I could see the cameraman through Donatello’s legs.  But when that picture was taken, a teenager stood up on a step blocking my view and then when I moved to see that camera again, the boy put up his hand. So I know my picture didn’t make it in.  After that I just wanted out of there, I can’t go on the ride.  I enjoyed watching others, but I can’t do that anymore.

So what I did was what Tokka gave the hilarious nickname, the Bench Ride. I sat on the bench and watched everyone else ride while I watched everyone’s stuff that was part of our group.  But the picture that was taken from Nickelodeon was great, it looked like a sea of people.  Many people were hidden from that camera, especially behind that walled entrance to that Thrill Ride.

I recorded some of the stuff on cameras and I enjoyed eating. We even went through that aquarium  that day.  I know Michele loved that ride so much as she rode it many times.  And I am so happy that she had that surgery for her arm, so now she could ride these rides.  I think she went on all those rides in that mall over that weekend.

I enjoyed seeing the mascot turtles and I did get my picture taken with Mikey and Donnie.  I was able to complain about my hair color to them, too.  I bought my picture that they had up on their screen for the memory of that fun day.

March 17th, being St. Patrick’s day was also my mom’s birthday.  Now it is also the day that 836 of us Turtle fans broke a record at Mall of America, in wearing the Green for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I had a great time.  I thank Fugitoid for doing all the driving, on that trip.  Thank you.  And I thank Mall of America for the nice room too, and Nickelodeon for all the nice stuff we were given, everyone was so kind.  What a great memory.

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Yes, Michele, I did see that you have this up now. :O)

Fugitoid's picture

You're welcome Mrs Ivey! It was my pleasure! But believe me it was no problem at all. I love driving and I'm no stranger to long trips. :) I wished I-75 gave out frequent driver miles or something. LOL! I'm glad you and Michele had a great time!