World Steam Expo: Girl Genius

Last year at World Steam Expo, Star and I found a few things that really caught our attention.  One of the things that called out to us was a graphic novel being sold at the event, a collection of an online web comic called “Girl Genius”.  The artwork originally pulled me towards the comic as it has some great art.  Though as we went to panels and even got to interview one of the creators, I found this to be something truly enjoyable.  Once I got home from World Steam Expo 2011, I searched up “Girl Genius” and started to read the comic online.

This online comic is about a girl who was born super smart.  To protect her, a gift was placed upon her to block her smarts from being known to the world.  Others would try to kill her for what she is, though as an adult her gift was broken and now she’s super smart.   Right away the danger entered her life, placing her on the run but making new friends along the way.  It’s a fun adventure for anyone who takes the time to read this amazing online comic, which is offered through their website in printed form.

Here, we’re sharing our interview with Kaja Foglio, one of the creators of Girl Genius.  Kaja was at World Steam Expo 2011 with her husband and co creator, Phil, selling copies of the books and doing a handful of panels.  We taped what we could of the different panels and would also like to share those here on Cowabunga Corner.

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