Youmacon 2016 TMNT Panel


I have hosted my fair share of TMNT panels through the years.  It’s fun getting to share the history of Ninja Turtles, with fellow fans out there.  With Power Con, Youmacon, Midwest Media Expo and Fandom Fest to name a few, I have always enjoyed the chance to share what I could of Ninja Turtles.  Sadly this year, my health took a sharp downhill slide, and I did not think I would be taking part in any TMNT panels.  I even reached out to Midwest Media Expo and had to ask them to remove me from the Guest list.  So when I went to Youmacon this year, I did not even know there was a TMNT panel on the schedule.   Today I’m sharing not just the video of the TMNT panel from Youmacon 2016, but also the story of how I met Monica and learned of this panel.

It was Thursday evening, I was doing my normal rounds of trying to find my friends who attend Youmacon every year.  From the staff to the attendees there’s a lot of people that I enjoy saying hello to on the slowest day of the convention.  I made my way down towards the third floor, on my way down I saw Thor, with my friends Jamie and Slash.  Thor is a service dog, that has become a good friend of mine.  He’s so well trained, that he can sense my RSD attacks even when I’m not telling anyone I’m going through the attack.  I went down and said hello to Thor, finding myself sitting on the floor giving him big hugs. 

While sitting there, a group of people went by and a voice came from the group.  “Are you the Ivey I’ve heard so much about?”  I looked up, as I’ve been called “The Turtle Girl” before, or “Big TMNT fan” and many other different nick names, but I think this is the first time I’ve been called “The Ivey”  I laughed a little and replied “That would be me”  She introduced herself as Monica Doyle, and that she was running the TMNT panel this weekend.  I was surprised to hear there was a TMNT panel, so we got up and talked.  

Monica explained to me that when she checked in for her panel, the Youmacon staffers told her about me.  After hearing about me, she took the time to check over google, and learned more.  Which is how she knew it was me, when she walked by.  I told her I could bring a few things to the panel that people may enjoy seeing.  At this moment Monica made friends, though it was a brief meeting.

I ran into Monica the following day while I was picking up my badge.  This time we talked for about an hour, she asked for me to sit on the panel with her.  I told her I would, as long it remained her panel and I would only chime in here and there.  I also asked her about the theme of her panel, and found it is much different how I normally ran panels, which got me more excited to see how it would turn out.  We talked for about an hour, mainly about TMNT.  Always good to meet another fan who’s as excited about talking Ninja Turtles as I am. 

I did not get to meet up with Monica again until a half hour till the panel.  I showed up with some of my TMNT stuff, while my folks came with some of the more impressive items including one of the heads from TMNT III.  We were at the panel early enough to do setup, but the panel before ours ran a little long.  Once in, we rushed to get it set up.  Letting everyone in, to start.  Monica was nervous before we got started with the panel, though I have to say she handled herself really well during the panel itself. 

I was really happy to see that she had a slide show, some of her own art mixed in there and a handful of good topics to talk about.  She brought up things I would’ve never thought to put into a panel, and mentioned stuff I have not paid attention to before.  I did as I said I would, spoke up when there was things for me to share.  It was truly Monica’s panel and she rocked it.  We had a nice size crowd in the room, which made great for getting feedback from different people throughout the panel.

I would like to Thank Monica for letting me take part in her TMNT panel at Youmacon.  It was a lot of fun, well ran and a great turn out.  Also a big Thank you for everyone who attended the Panel! 

Have you ever ran a TMNT Panel?  Ever think about holding one?  What would you theme your TMNT panel about?  Did you go to Youmacon?  Did you attend this panel?  Please share thoughts, reviews, comments and questions below!

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