Youmacon and Midwest Media Expo 2015!


This is Youmacon… this is Youmacon, Youmacon, Youmacon!  That’s right, it the week of Youmacon, which means it’s also Halloween and I’m just so excited to be returning to one of my favorite conventions of the year.  A great staff, awesome talent and a big fun location.  Fun panels and amazing concerts!  In this write up I’ll share a bit about Youmacon 2014 and since Youmacon is ran by the same crew as Midwest Media Expo, I felt this was a great time to pull out one of the TMNT Panels I did at Midwest Media Expo 2015! 

Youmacon was more than a convention to me last year.  It was help in away I didn’t think I could find at a convention.  In fact, I went to two other conventions during this time that did not help me the way that Youmacon did.  Anyone who’s been keeping up with my adventures know that last year we went through emptying out our house after a flood here in Michigan.  I was in a bit of depression, I tried to cheer up by going to both Geek Fan Expo and New York Comic Con though while both were fun, and I could get out for the moment they did not do for me what Youmacon did.  Which was pull me out of my depression.

How could a convention do this one may wonder?  It’s when a convention has such a strong and friendly crew.  I’ve been going to Youmacon since it’s first convention in 2005, and through the years I’ve gotten to know their safe, returning guests, and attendees.  I have so many friends at this convention, that it’s not even a question on my head if I want to go each year.  The only question is how to make sure I’m in Michigan that weekend.  There’s nowhere else I’d rather spend my Halloween.

From the Maid Cafe to the  Steam Powered Giraffe concert on Friday, things started to look up for me.  Seeing friends and just hanging out the rest of the weekend, checking out panels when I could.  Each of which held in their good strong rooms where you don’t have to struggle to hear the guests.  And the dealer room with artist alley was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed getting to see one of my favorite convention dealers and catching up with them on life, and that’s Art-Toons.  For those who don’t know, this is the company I’ve gotten most off my animation cels from through the years.

One of my good friends, Slash, returns yearly for Youmacon.  It’s the only time of the year I really get to see her, as she flies in from Sweden to visit.  This is also a convention for making new friends, as I meet people every year here.  Some who stay in touch, others who we just see each other on the floor of the convention the next year.  Sometimes those friends are the guests themselves, at Youmacon 2014 I finally took the time to get to know one of the Guests that has been coming for years, John st Jon.  He’s the voice of Duke Nukem and man is he a blast to talk too.  The guest at Youmacon are not like most convention where you only see them during the panels, they walk the hallways, eat at the lobby bar and hang out with the fans.  Over all, it’s a warm and welcoming event to go too. 

At Youmacon 2014 I was able to open up about how I was feeling and had people who were there for me.  They were able to help me not just have fun at the event, but move forward.  And I can’t be more Thankful.  The only bad this that happened that I can even think of at Youmacon 2014 was when I dropped my cell phone outside and shattered the screen.  That was my own fault, as I wasn’t paying attention to something in front of me.  Otherwise this convention has nothing but good memories. 

As mentioned I want to do a big nod to Midwest Media Expo in this post as well.  Once again the crew comes together and puts on an event that is worth going too.  While Midwest Media Expo is much smaller, it is growing and has as much as Youmacon to offer to a different fan group.  From movies, comics, gaming, horror and anime there’s something for everyone which makes it one that I will keep standing behind.  I will like to take this moment to share my  “History of TMNT Comics” panel from Midwest Media Expo 2015.

A few things about this video, one may noticed it’s filmed and edited different than most of the panel videos we do here on Cowabunga Corner.  The reason for this is that the camera person who normally handles the video footage is Miki, and while she was at Midwest Media Expo, this was the only panel she could not attend.  The cameras were setup to record me as if I was going to sit through the entire panel, instead I was up walking around.  Walked off camera many times.  Thankfully this is a slide show panel, with a lot of photos.  I was able to get in and edit, using the photos to save this video from being totally scrapped.  I hope everyone enjoys!

I can not wait for Youmacon this weekend.  I’ll be there Thursday through Sunday.  Already got friends talking about meeting up.  If you’re going and want to meet me, just look for me with a TMNT shirt, most likely a Mikey Hoodie, and a red backpack wandering the convention.  I always attend opening and closing panels.  I hope to meet any TMNT fan who can make it to the BEST convention held in Michigan every year, Youmacon!

Have you been to Youmacon?  What year?  Which building were we in?  Did you meet guests?  Cosplay? Shop? Go to panels?  Concerts? The rave?!  Mario After Dark Party?  Share your stories here!  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below!


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