Review: Nickelodeon TMNT "Enemy of my Enemy"


Since the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking towards nods to the other series.  The TMNT series that is ignored the most is Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.  So it amused me greatly when I saw the title of the newest episode of Nickelodeon’s TMNT was “Enemy of my Enemy”, the very title that the Next Mutation used when Dragon Lord was going after the Shredder, getting the Turtles to team up with Shredder.  A nod to that series that only fans of the Next Mutation would truly pick up on right away.  Of course this episode is much different from what was going on in the Next Mutation, as this time Karai is seeing how dangerous the Kraang are to planet Earth and tries to team up with the Turtles.  So here is my thoughts about Nickelodeon’s “Enemy of my Enemy”.

The show starts off with the Turtles on the roof watching the Kraang building.  Donatello informs the others that some sort of ship is coming through the portal today. Leonardo turns to pick on Michelangelo as they get a surprise visit from Karai.  Breaking into a fight the Turtles did not want to handle right now.  Raphael blows up at her that they’re trying to stop an alien invasion and she needs to get lost.  Karai is surprised by this, as a ship comes out of the TCRI building.

This is a nice intro, as it shows the Turtles trying to find out more about what the Kraang are up too.  It’s nice that Donatello was able to get more information from that storage device, besides for the fact that the Kraang want April.  I can understand Mikey playing his game, as I know I do that a lot while out.  Waiting for stuff can be boring for someone with ADHD.  I do think Mikey has ADHD.  For me, I play mind games though, like Sudoku.  And Karai has been curious about the Kraang since she first saw the Turtles fighting them in "The Alien Agenda".

The Turtles go on the run from the TCRI ship as it scans them and starts to shoot.  Karai runs along with the Turtles, very shocked by what she’s seeing.  The Turtles hide from the spaceship but it’s scanner finds them and they realize they need to go below ground.  Leonardo puts his neck out for his family by distracting the ship as the other three Turtles get a manhole cover open and jump in calling for Leo to join them.  Leo throws some throwing stars at the ship, which just bounce off as he runs and joins his brothers in the sewer.  Police can be heard coming, as the ship cloaks itself.  Karai watches this from her hiding spot, seeing this is bigger than their fight against the Turtles.

A very fun chase scene as you see them trying to get away from the ship.  It’s clear the Turtles are scared of this thing.  Though while the fight scene was fun, it seemed a bit un thought out.  The Turtles knew a ship was coming out of the TCRI building, one would hope they had  a plan to take it down.  Another they could've done was split up, to give the ship more than one target.  Instead they stayed group together, giving the ship only one route it needed to take.  Also when Leonardo threw the throwing stars at the ship, I would think he would throw it at one of the two areas the light comes out at, those seem to be the weakest points.  The scanner and the laser.  I do like the bum annoyed with the aliens.  And Raphael’s reaction when the ship cloaks itself.

Karai goes to Shredder telling him about the alien invasion.  She wants to do something to stop the Kraang and thinks the Foot should be part of this.  Though Shredder does not agree, he informs her of a weapon delivery and how she is to be there when they are delivered.  he has no interest in the alien invasion at all.

The more I see how obsessed Shredder is about getting Hamato Yoshi, the more I think this fight between the two of them is not fully explained.  Splinter describes it as a love war, over Tang Shen.  Though clearly something more must of happened, something Saki is holding very personal and he is so focused on that.  He’s a very smart guy, someone with that much mind skills must have a deep drive for what he is doing.  Makes me all the more curious of Shredder’s side of the story.

Down in the lair Leonardo wants to find out what the ship is doing here, while Raphael just wants to destroy it.  He suggests loading up the Shellraiser and going out shooting into the sky at it.  As Leo is shooting down that idea, Donatello comes over and shares his idea which goes over well with his brothers.

I always like seeing when the Turtles come up with their ideas on how they’re going to find the bad guys.  So this was a nice scene of planning things out.  I like how Mike was jumping from side to side and playing with their punching bag.  It’s more than just something in the background for them to hit on, but a prop in the show.  Which is cool since it does come with the TMNT Lair Playset from Playmates.

Leonardo is working on Donatello’s plan as Karai meets him on a rooftop.  The two of them have a sword fight, till Karai says she wants to help them fight the Kraang.  She tells him how the this fight is pointless if the Kraang win.  Leo does not believe her and leaves her on the rooftop.

This is a good scene.  A few things stand out here, as Leonardo is talking his head band is blowing in the wind, but Karai’s hair is not affected by this at all.  I was with short hair most of my life, and during that time this would not even be something I would think about.  Though in 2009 I started to let my hair grow out, and when it got as long as Karai’s, the wind drove me nuts cause my hair would be slapping me in the face.  Now even with hair spray, the hair should still react to the wind that Leo’s headband was flapping from.  It did bounce a little when she would move her head.   The other thing that catches me kind of funny here is Leonardo called her sister.  It has been said since March 2011 that Shredder raised Hamato Yoshi’s daughter, and that Karai is her.  This would mean that in a sense she is their sister.  Not blood of course, but her blood father raised them.  So I did get a bit of a laugh hearing that come out.  I found this scene to be interesting, and like how Karai pointed out that this fight is bigger than the one Shredder wants to hold.

In the lair Leonardo has explained what is going on to Splinter and his brothers, as April is training in the background.  Splinter tells Leo to trust his senses unless they are wrong.  Donatello thinks it would be good to have Karai on their side, though says it wrong and gets April up his tail about this.  As Don keeps putting his Foot in his mouth, Raph helps him by covering his mouth and dragging him out of the room.

This scene is important and funny.  It is where Leo is coming forward, honest with his family about what is going on here.  Not being all secretive like he was when she first appeared in the show.  He’s looking for his family’s thoughts and advice.  The funny part is knowing just how Don really feels about April and for her to get upset over him with this full Karai problem.  Even though it is Leo who has the crush on Karai.

The Turtles take the Shellraiser out to find out what the Krang spaceship is up too.  To their surprise they find it, and the ship is going after them.  Donatello comes to realize that they are the mission for the ship.  Leonardo asks for directions from Michelangelo and he leads them into a dead end alley.  Just as the Turtles are cornered, Karai jumps out and attacks the spaceship.  Leo wants to go help her, but Don says the Shellraiser can not take another attack, so he gives the driving to Raphael.  Leo takes the stealth bike to go help Karai.

This troubles me, because once again you would think the Turtles would have more of a plan than just finding the spaceship.  They now know what it does, so having a trap planned out for it would've been the wise choice.  Instead they go there and just get into another chase scene.  And what really disappoints me is that the one time Michelangelo is asked to use that map in front of him, he leads them into a dead end alley.  Once again being the fault for his brothers getting into a bad spot.  They use Mike as their out too much in this series.  There has to be a reason Don put the map at Mike’s station.  The Mikey fan in me is feeling very disappointed with how Mike is being used like this.

Leonardo takes the stealth bike out and chases down the Kraang ship.  Once he gets near by Karai falls into his lap.  Karai has her way of saying thanks as Leo gets out of the sight of the Kraang and closes the top of the Stealth bike so the scanner does not pick them up.  The Kraang say they will find the Turtles soon and leave.  As Leo is now with Karai in his lap.

This chase scene is okay, with the normal problems of New York City.  Empty streets.  They do go pass a Police car at once point.  The officer spills coffee in his lap and screams, but does not go after them.  This is not the first time we’ve seen this same officer spill coffee in his lap as he was in the episode “I, Monster”.  I would have liked to seen a cop join the chase, which is what I was hoping would happen when we watch them turn the corner just after the coffee poured on his lap.  Instead there’s not even the noise of a police car.  So while the chase was okay, it was kind of disappointing as well.  The animation is great.  The lines and reactions are amazing.  Just there needs to be more life in New York City.

Leonardo brings Karai back to the Shellraiser.  Raphael is not pleased when she is brought inside, though Leo explains she’s earned a little trust.  Karai goes on to tell the Turtles that she can help them by getting them a missile launcher.  When asked where she’s going to get one, she replies with “The Shredder” and tells the Turtles how Shredder is getting a shipment of weapons and they can steal it from that.  They do not trust her with good reason, so she agrees to steal the missile launcher herself and then they will team up.

Once again Nickelodeon is really able to pull off a good planning scene in this episode.  We see the Turtles each putting in their words and thoughts, we see Karai interacting with them, staying fully in character.  And we hear good reasons for both sides to work together.  I really love how each of the Turtles are in their stations, and you can just see where all the stations are as they are hanging out in the Shellraiser.  Raph’s still in the driver seat and Karai is leaning against Raph’s normal area.  You get a good feel for the inside of their ride.  It is these stop and talk parts of this episode that I am enjoying most.  As the writers have done a really good job with plotting out how the characters would be taking to each of these situations.  Best of all, is Leo looking at his brothers for their approval of working with Karai.

Down in the lair the Turtles are relaxing waiting on Karai to do her thing.  Michelangelo is excited about getting a missile launcher, though Leonardo questions if Karai can do this.  He points out to his brothers that Shredder will be there.  This is when it hits Raphael, they will know where the Shredder is, for the first time.  Raph talks Leo into planning an attack against the Shredder.  Leo is against this at first, as he does not want to betray Karai.  Though he also realizes they do not normally know where Shredder is going to be.

They know where the Foot Base is, as seen in “Panic in the Sewers”.  Though they do not act on this. They could plan their own attack on the Shredder at anytime.  The 4Kids series did this in “Return to New York”, they knew where Shredder’s base was and when they wanted to take on the Shredder they took down his base.  I am disappointed that Leo did not follow his gut here and let Raph, push him into this.  Leo knew it was wrong, but feared his brother’s reactions if he said no.  This is a time where he should've gone to Splinter, who would of grounded all of their shells to the lair till he knew Shredder was no longer on the docks.  Splinter would not condone his sons, going after the Shredder.   I would really have enjoyed seeing Splinter’s reaction to knowing what his sons were up to that night.

On the docks Shredder is there for the weapon trade.  He delivers something inside a suitcase and Karai goes to check the merchandise.  The Turtles are there and have a weapon to use on the Shredder, which Michelangelo is to shoot at Shredder since he has the best aim.  As he’s aiming, Karai takes notice and waits to save Shredder just after Mike fires the weapon.  While it misses Shredder, it hits the car which takes out the big guy, Steranko, who brought the weapons that Shredder was buying.  The two Foot Soldiers there go down with Steranko.  Leaving just Karai and the Shredder to take on the Turtles.  Karai uses the missile launcher and shoots at the Turtles.

Steranko seemed like an interesting character.  One in which I think we will see again.  He sort of reminded me of Hun, in his own way.  I wish we got to learn more about him.  He seem to have some history with the Shredder, so this is another story we will get to learn about.  More pieces to the big puzzle of the series.  I can not wait to see where it goes next.

The big fight happens, Mike learns shocking information and Karai gets a pet.  You want to know more about this, watch the episode.  It’s another great story and script put together by the Nickelodeon crew.  While I do have some complaints like the lack of people in New York and the treatment of Michelangelo, these are minor compared to how good the episode really is.  It was a fun show, with a lot of laughs and some serious plot twists.  And how could anyone not enjoy a fight between Shredder and the Turtles?

While this show is giving us a lot of fun new characters and action, they are also giving us well thought out plots.  They are connecting the dots just fast enough to keep us interested, while adding more dots that we need to learn about.  The depth of this story is strong and I personally think that it is one of the things that will keep this Nickelodeon TMNT series around for a long time to come.  I am hoping to see more character growth, more people on the streets, and learn more of the secrets of the Foot Clan as the series progresses.  Only six more episodes for Season 1, to share some light on things we hope to see in the series.

Have you seen “Enemy of my Enemy”?  What are your thoughts on this episode?  Please share reviews, questions and comments below!

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I wonder if Shedder is going to have the Foot Clan team up with the Kraang later in the series.