Review: TMNT Basic Bath Set


Christmas time is buzzing at Cowabunga Corner, on and off the website.  While we love getting up as much stories as we can for those interested.  We’re also spending time with family, getting the house ready, shopping and wrapping presents.  It’s the time for caring, giving and family.  We will keep working to get the stories here, focusing mainly on Christmas items right now.  This review is for a set sold during the Holiday season by MZB, this is the Basic Bath Set.

Review: TMNT Bath Set by MZB


There’s a lot of products coming out right now that is mainly for sale at the Holiday season for gift ideas.  A lot of these products that are for Ninja Turtles has been released by a company called MZB.  We’ve reviewed some of these products here on Cowabunga Corner before.  Here is one of the ones I found this year at a Wal-Mart near where I live.  This is the TMNT Bath Set.

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At Toy Fair 2013 Playmate Toys gave out Blind bag TMNT toys. I normally leave toys in package from event, though I'm not use to not knowing what toy it is. So now I sit here wondering if I should open this toy for the collection or put it away in package. So for the first time I am asking for the advice from the fandom. If I open it, I will do a review of the toy.

Review; Michael Nesmith Solo Show 2013

As a child I did not listen to the radio very often.  When I would hear music, it would be records or tapes of the other things my family enjoyed.  The music I heard most was The Monkees, a band from the 1960s which was created for a TV show starring Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith.  This became my favorite music growing up.