Review: TMNT Funko Blind Box Toys


FUNKO has been making some great toys as of recently that we have shared some of here on Cowabunga Corner.  Enjoying the POP figures for each of the Turtles, I have key chains of theirs hanging on the Cowabunga Corner Camera and there’s still so much to share.  One of the things they’ve released is their Blind Box figures.  With twelve different characters to collect it’s one of those things that fans can enjoy.  This video is an opening of two blind boxes and a few of their figures.

Video Review: POP Vinyls April, Bebop, Rocksteady and a Foot Soldier


Review: TMNT Finger Nail pressions


Many years I went with people picking on me.  Telling me that I was a fan of something made for boys.  As a kid, it was not seen normal for a girl to like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  While I took the name Turtle Girl with pride, others tried to use it as an insult.  I could not understand how something could be labeled girls or boys.  When the internet came around most of the TMNT fans were female, which is when I realized that I was not alone.  Now it’s refreshing to see TMNT items made for girls.  Here’s one of those items, that is for young girls.  These are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finger nail pressions by Alex Brand.

TMNT Box #1


There a lot of Turtle fans out there that don’t have the time or money to just go out and collect everything that hit the shelves.  This does not mean that those fans do not want to get hands on cool TMNT stuff, it just says that some things slip away before they can jump into the action.  If you’re a fan who wants TMNT stuff, if you like surprises, and if you want to save money this is something for you.  This is the TMNT Box.

Review: Flophouse Michelangelo Doll

You never know when and where you’re going to find cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles product.  This last October I was at New York Comic Con with Metalhead and Leatherhead when I spotted a very cool booth called “Flophouse”  they had new TMNT merch that I never saw before.  Here is my review of their Michelangelo doll.

Since I did this video I have brought the doll out to public events where it has been noticed.  Including walking around on Halloween at Youmacon.  It draws good attention and has been getting positive feedback from fellow TMNT fans.  I really like this doll and glad that I got it, hope to get the other three when ever I get the chance.

Nickelodeon Resorts Retro Weekend TMNT Panel 2


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle events of 2014 are piling up from conventions, parties, Galleries and so much more.  With so many events happening, I have not been able to cover all of them.  Though I do try to cover each of the ones that I do manage to get too.  With videos, photos and write ups.  Most of these videos have not been posted yet, which is what I’m working on now.  Going through the events and sharing what I can.  This video is from Nickelodeon Resorts Hotel TMNT Retro Weekend, which was the kickoff of their Summer of Shell. 

Nickelodeon Resorts Retro TMNT Panel 1


Review: Donatello TMNT 2014 Movie Action Figure

Donatello is often known as the nerd or geek of the Turtles.  Because he’s into science and plays the smart role.  At first Donatello like all the Turtles looked much like his brothers.  He did not have any real nerdy appearances.  Even in the original movies, they were able to pull him off as just being him, looking normal.  The Next Mutation was the first area that attempted to make him more nerdy turning his bo staff into a gadget  Adding all the pockets to his belt for gadgets.  Still he looked much like his brothers.  Till Nickelodeon made him taller with a gap tooth.  And now we get the new movie.  Here is my review of the TMNT 2014 movie Donatello Action Figure.

Review: TMNT 2014 Michelangelo Action Figure

My favorite Turtle since the first cartoon has almost always been Michaelangelo.  Mikey is the Turtle that has reminded me the most of myself, creative, loves life, a people person, and often just wants to find away to make the family happy.  Often because of this he is the first Turtle I review when new products come out.  This time I am reviewing the new "Ninja Turtles" Movie Michelangelo action figure from the new 2014 film by Playmates Toys. 

Review: TMNT Hat with sunglasses

There are these great ideas out there that just make you go ‘why didn’t I ever think about that’.  A lot of the time these ideas are only talked about and never seen to happen.  Other times they do make it to the store, some work out wonderful while others disappear with the times.  Right now one of these very cool ideas that will hopefully be around for a very long time is hitting the market!  Hats with sunglasses!  I personally LOVE the idea!  And not only is that notion wonderful, but the fact that they’re doing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hats with Sun Glasses make these even more amazing!  Here is my review of a youth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hat with glasses.