Franklin Cider Mill

I travel to all sorts of events, tourist traps, and cities around the United States.  Going coast to coast each year, and getting to meet people from all around while doing so.  Often I tell people there’s not much to Michigan, I grew up in Michigan and find it hard to enjoy as I see so much else where that is so cool.  Though when it comes down to the heart of it, there are a few places I love, such as the Dairy Park.  I will like to share another one of those locations, this time I’m going to talk about the Franklin Cider Mill.

Midwest Media Expo 2014: Pop Culture Panel


First TMNT Trailer from Nickelodeon!

We’ve been waiting to say this! A new TMNT Trailer is up! This is the second time Nickelodeon has released a video to the fans, but this time it is not a Mutation in Progress video, this is the real deal! A trailer for the new cartoon. Finally, a chance for everyone to hear the new Turtle voices! So before we get into the details... watch this new trailer.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, here’s my review. This is a teaser trailer, only giving us samples of the Turtles voices, fast flashes of scenes, bits of animation, and no idea on where the story is going. We see the comedy side of the show in this clip as they use a lot of Michelangelo. So I’ll start with Michelangelo.

Cowabunga Corner #31


In this episode I talk about the Ninja Turtles video games. This is only my first posts about the video games as each game will get their own reviews down the line of blogs, I just wanted to go over and touch a handful of the games. I know not all of the games are mentioned here, and sorry if I missed any you really like. Hopefully I’ll get a review of the game itself up soon.