Turtles vs. Foot

Since San Diego Comic Con International the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been sweeping the internet with a site called Turtles vs. Foot.  This website is AWESOME for any Ninja Turtle fan who wants the scoop on what’s going on with TMNT.  For first looks at the TV show, character designs, and other behind the scene images this is the website to join!  But not only that!  You can win cool prizes!  Now the pros and cons of this fun website.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 21

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Part 21

Review Nickelodeon TMNT "Panic in the Sewers"

Shredder has shown himself to the Turtles!  The Turtles survived that first battle!  And now Shredder has two mutants working for him.  Nickelodeon has been serving up some amazing TMNT action!  Their fight scenes are as promised, fully packed with action and comedy, and while the characters are light hearted at times the plot is thick.  So after spoiling us last week with three packed adventures all in one episode, how are they to follow that?  Well the new episode, which was originally listed on Wikipedia as “Mojo Rising” is now titled “Panic in the Sewers”.   Does the title really fit what we see in the episode?

CCN: My Little Pony IDW writer Interview

Cowabunga Corner #99: Interview Santino

Hey everyone,

Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Rhode Island

Everyone now and then, there are different events that I go too because of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle connections.  On October 21st, I went to a Yu-Gi-Oh event in Rhode Island.  I went this event to support Dan Green, a voice actor who've gone through a rough time last year when he lost his wife.  Some of the voice actors from Yu-Gi-Oh got together to do this event to help raise money to help Dan, and this was not an event I could miss out on.  The biggest surprise about this event was that the panels and autograph sessions were free to the public, only asking for donations to help Dan.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 18

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Part 18,
My head hurts.

I open my eyes to see Raph driving as fast as he can. I feel blood come down my face. I sit up and look behind us, seeing another car right behind.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 17

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Part 17

Once I catch up with Raphael and Ninjara, there’s only one thing left on my mind. Master Splinter. Where is he? Is he really dead?

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 16

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Part 16,
I awake the next morning. The dust in my room really turned me off. I’m upset that I let my room fall to this bad at being dirty, but it wasn't my fault and I have to get that through my mind. I clean my room a little bit before getting ready to leave. I go into the kitchen to make some food, and look at the time.  It was 3:30am. I want to get out by 4:30, so I eat a fast breakfast then walk over to Mikey's room.

The Shape of a Turtle Chapter 15

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Part 15,

I look out the window of the cargo plane as it lands in New York. I can't wait to be home. I said goodbye to the Shapers this morning before jumping on the plane.