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Video Review: TMNT Uno


Review "Secrets of the Sewers" at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Going into the Secrets of the SewersThis past Saturday Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took over at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. That was the day that the “Secrets of the Sewers” Exhibit opened up to the public.  This is a large Exhibit full of games, props, and group activities.  Made to help families and friends learn to work together as a team while enjoying our fab four Turtles!  Here is my review of the “Secrets of the Sewers” Exhibit.

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Review: Rooftop Run TMNT game

With so much coming out for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles it’s hard to keep up.  In some areas I’ve been doing okay, with at least seeing and trying to get reviews going.  From toys, cartoons and comics I try to keep the know going.  My weak link as of recently is games.  When “Rooftop Run” came out it was only for Apple Products so I did not touch that, as I use Android.  When “Out of the Shadows” came out, it was only for PCs and XBox, I don’t have an XBox and my PC won’t handle games.  So that’s been out of the question.  When the Wii game came out, I got my hands on it, to play only once so far before life got busy with always being on the run.  I truly was feeling like the idea of playi