Cowabunga Corner Instagram 2018 Road Trip


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Instagram TMNT 2014 Trip

Can you spot Turtle bug in this photo?Every year Miki and I have been traveling across country to California.  Usually on the trip we get to visit a few friends, go to a few landmarks and get to see some of the cool sites that is just that much more awesome in person.  On our trip across country this year I decided to do something for the Cowabunga Corner Instagram account, taking photos with the new Giant TMNT Movie toys.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at this drive across Country.

Cowabunga Corner on Instagram

We are always working to up our solical networks.  As most everyone knows Cowabunga Corner has our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr account.  Each of which are known for getting updates, well our newest account is Istagram.  This is a photo app for iphones and androids.  You can upload short videos and pictures for everyone to see.  We are taking this to great use in Cowabunga Corner, with plans to upload videos and photos while we're still at the events.  Behind the scene pictures and videos from Cowabunga Corner and so much more.