Miki Ivey

Saving a Life

Life is all around us.  Sometimes people don’t realize how important life is with every creature. So when something is in need of help it, can be overlooked.  I know not everyone can save everything, but if you see something in need, be it human or animal, would you take a moment of your time to help?  I’ve done so often for animals, big and small.  If I see something where I can take some sort of action to make a difference right then and there, I will do so.

1991 Turtles at School

Every year for my birthday back when I was in elementary school, my mom would bring cupcakes for the full class.  Though only one of those times did it really stand out as it was during the best school year of my life.  I’ve already shared how I was bullied in school.  Well, in the sixth grade my mom moved me to another school, sadly I was only in this school for one year, Harding Elementary, with my teacher Mr. Aspinwall.

A talented Artist

One thing I’ve been thinking about sharing here on Cowabunga Corner is more stuff about the different people I know and their talents, skills and what they have to offer.  Some will be interviews, others will be just short write ups.  In this write up, I’d like to share a little bit about one of my favorite artist.

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