Random Review #36


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Movie Review: Bernie

Often things happen in our world where people feel that the outcome of the event is wrong. Though most of the time these events get swept under the rug and forgotten about.  In the case of a man who killed an 83 year old woman, the events were not forgotten.  The people did not feel that the story got out properly, so they took part in a dark comedy based around the murder.  The man who did the killing was named Bernie.  Here is my review of the ‘movie’.

Convention Guide Part 1

This is a guide of how I handle conventions.  This is not saying it’s the right away to go around conventions as everyone enjoys conventions for different reasons.  Though my reasons for creating my own little guide is to get to see and meet guests, hang out with friends, and learn as much as I can with spending as little as possible.

Part 1: Deciding on going to the Event.

Whenever I start planning my trips I first search up all the events I can for guests that I have not met, or have made friends with and would like to see again.  After I get the events listed out I look at it in terms of which conventions would be affordable for me.  Usually conventions within a 13 to 16 hour driving distance wins me over the fastest, since I can get there cheaper than going to a convention across country.  After I narrow it down to the realistic list of conventions I could try and make it to, I list those conventions on the TMNT-L forums.

Please Help

Hey everyone,

I don’t normally want to come out and publicly ask for help, though I’ve been backed into a tough area from recent medical bills. One of the big facts about life is you can never plan your health, no matter how much you may try, and my health has been a roller coaster all my life. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Everyone has heard me share the stories about RSD here on Cowabunga Corner, though that is not the only problem with me. Yet for the last seven years every time I’ve tried to get medical, there have been road blocks in my way. This has made it so I’ve not been able to go to the doctors without the fear of large bills on my head.

Rant: Medical Cost

Everyone has things that they rant about, something that troubles them and they just have to vent.  I’m no different. So, from time to time, I’m going to share some of those things here.  Some of them could be big that affect a lot of people, other rants could be something personal about my life that others might relate to.

Today’s rant is about medical cost in the United States. Yes, something a lot of people discuss how to fix it and a lot of people misunderstand how it works, while others are just totally left out.  Well I’m not going to say I’m an expert on it, but I will say that I’m one of those people who got really bumped badly from the system and have not been able to pick myself up since.  Here’s my story....