My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

IDW MLP: FiM #10

My Little Pony “Friendship is magic” issue 10 has been out.  I am sorry that this has taken me awhile to get too.  Though with other reviews, being on a trip and a few very important issues that has been needed to address I am a bit behind.  So I hope those who follow my MLP reviews enjoy this short review of the newest MLP comic from the on going series.

In issue 10 we pick up from the storyline shared in issue 9.  Big Mac needs to get nails for doing some household work.  While trying to get these nails, he is distracted by many others.  This is something that keeps happening to him in this issue.  As Big Mac is pulled into some strange and crazy things through the festival.    During his time there he gets to create a new dance, win the heart of another pony, and get suckered into a deal from Spike.  All of this leading to the end of a hard day and no nails as he is about to return home.  Though a friend talks to him with an important lesson to be learned.

Review: IDW MLP:FIM Micro Series "Pinkie Pie"

Inspiration comes from everywhere from art, plants, smells and people.  Once someone finds something that inspires them, it's hard to let go of it.  One of the hardest things to face is knowing that not only is that inspiration disappearing but it does not really wish to disappear.  It's depressing on all angels.  But you can not force those things to keep going forward if the path they're on, no longer works for them.  This is what Pinkie