Review: Nickelodeon TMNT Toys!

On the evening of July 3rd, I got a message on Facebook from PangGo asking if I've seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys and how they're being found at Toys R Us.  This news was a bit of a shock for me, as we've been told we won't see them until August.  Though it was too late in the evening to run out to Toys R Us.   So on July 4th I went to Toys R Us.  At this time, I am on a road trip as we're making our way to San Diego for Comic Con International.  So the Toys R Us I went to is in Mesa, AZ.

"Puss in Boots" DVD and Blu-Ray

The Shrek movies have always been something I have enjoyed.  So when I saw that there was a “Puss in Boots” film coming out, I knew I had to see it.  Though the film came out while I was going through a very big surgery, find out more about the surgery at RSD Update.  So there wasn’t a movie review posted here on Cowabunga Corner.  Though now that the movie is coming to DVD, I want to share some thoughts about this film.

The “Puss in Boots” film is about Puss on his own adventure, where we learn his history as he follows a dream from his childhood.  His old friend from growing up is Humpty Dumpty, who had betrayed Puss a long time ago and is now back in Puss’s life, saying he wants to make up from the past and has found the magic beans to get to the goose that lays the Golden eggs.  Intrigued by this, Puss teams up with Humpty and Soft Paws to get their hands on the Goose.