Cowabunga Corner 2018 Update

For a few years now, Cowabunga Corner has been trying to come back to our normal sharing videos and stories.  Though life has been keeping those of us working on Cowabunga Corner so busy that when we think we got a moment things change.  We got some updates to share, that people may be happy about and a little information on what is taking so long to bring Cowabunga Corner all the way back to where we use to be.

Aug 2015: Update on Ernie Reyes Jr

In June, we found out that Ernie Reyes Jr had kidney failure earlier this year.  So many questions keep flying as people want to know how Ernie is doing.  What is going on, if he’s getting a kidney transplant or not?  What changes are in store for him?  I’ve seen a lot of love go his way from the fandom and some people just assuming things.  This is a hard time in anyone’s life, and I’m out to help bring the support towards Ernie as he needs it.  I got to see him at Fandom Fest 2015 and he was kind enough to sit down and talk about what’s going on.

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